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Join Marci Hansen, CMO of SheerID and Cody McGraw, founder of SCOUT, in discussing best practices for reaching the military community. As an Army veteran, Cody will provide insider knowledge of the wants and needs of your military customers, and what drives customer loyalty, while Marci will go into messaging musts, and how to make the best impression with your military holiday marketing programs. To attend this webinar, please fill out the registration form. We'll send you a reminder a few days before the event with all the details.

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If you’re considering exclusive marketing campaigns aimed at your target customers, there are some major components you may not have considered. From brand integrity to profit protection, are you prepared to launch a full-scale campaign?

In this short, 17 minute webinar, SheerID CMO Marci Hansen and President David Shear answer some of your most pressing questions:


How can you protect your brand integrity from fraud by offering an exclusive discount vs a more general one?

What kind of consumer reaction can a brand expect when offering an exclusive discount?

Is there a risk from inadvertently insulting a customer group that doesn't meet the special offer criteria?

What kind of benefits can the retail brand expect from offering exclusive offers to groups like the military, students and teachers?

How can the data that comes from verification be useful for campaigns later on?

Learn from the experts on what you need to know to create a successful, exclusive campaign.

SheerID CMO Marci Hansen and President David Shear answer questions on protecting your brand while offering exclusive discounts.

Sign up for our next webinar

November 10th, 2016 at 11:00am PT featuring Cody McGraw, founder of SCOUT

SheerID is a company dedicated to helping you keep exclusive discounts truly exclusive for your customers. From every-day discounts for military members, to back-to-school specials for students and teachers, SheerID has a service that will instantly and authoritatively verify that the customer is eligible for that special, or exclusive offer.

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