Client Success: B&H PhotoImproving Efficiency and Customer Experience


  • The average initial purchase occurs within 7-10 days of SheerID verification compared to 60-90 days after B&H’s previous verification system.
  • Increase in EDU Advantage membership applications
  • Increase in the number of students approved for the program


In order to apply for an EDU Advantage membership, students were required to complete an online application and provide B&H with a copy of a course ID or schedule. It took up to 48 hours for a customer service representative to approve or deny the application. Customers could not make purchases using the member discounts until their applications had been validated and approved.


B&H utilized SheerID’s student verification API to create a custom verification process for students applying to the EDU Advantage program.

If I’m a student applying for a discount, then I am a shopper who is ready to make a purchase. We suspected that if we could speed up the approval process, EDU Advantage members would make their first purchase sooner. Not only did initial purchases occur 50-80 days sooner, students verified by SheerID are spending a little more.

Michael Solomon, EDU Marketing Manager, B&H Photo and Video


“SheerID dramatically improved our buying and approval process,” says Michael Solomon, EDU Marketing Manager at B&H Photo and Video. “SheerID verification is much faster than our old, manual process. Our EDU Advantage program runs more efficiently, and we’re providing students with a better user experience.”

Upon implementation, the maximum turn-around time decreased from 48 hours to 20 minutes.