Client Success: Grizzly IndustrialCreating an Exclusive Military Appreciation Program


  • Word spread within the military community, and Grizzly saw a 15% increase in interest between their first sale and their third.
  • 17% of customers who tried to redeem one of the three promotional offers did not meet Grizzly’s eligibility requirements


Grizzly Industrial, one of the largest machinery companies in the U.S., wanted to create a military appreciation program and offer limited-time discounts to active-duty military, veterans, and military retirees throughout the year. However, Grizzly Industrial needed to ensure that only qualified military customers could redeem their promotional offers.

The Solution:

Grizzly teamed up with SheerID to create a custom landing page that is hosted by SheerID. After a successful verification, military customers are issued a unique, single-use coupon code. Throughout the year, Grizzly contacts SheerID to switch out limited-time offers. Grizzly uses the technology to create offers for Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Veterans Day.

We are proud to offer a discount to military personnel and are grateful to SheerID for a seamless verification process which serves Grizzly and our customers with professional and timely customer service.

Melinda Sweet, Assistant Marketing Manager, Grizzly Industrial


The military community responded very positively to these truly exclusive offers. Extending the offer to veterans as well as active duty and retirees expanded the offers’ reach, however, it may have also increased the number of unqualified shoppers who tried to take advantage of the discount. Fortunately, SheerID prevented people from using the discounts fraudulently, which protected Grizzly Industrial’s margins.