Client Success: Shooter’s Pro ShopAcquiring New Customers and Incremental Revenue


Within the first 30 days of launching their military promotion:

  • had a 26% growth in registered online customers
  • 10% of total revenue was from verified military personnel
  • They achieved an ROI of 1.30


With macro opportunities developing due to a change in the political climate, Shooter’s Pro Shop sought a way to identify and reach a new, loyal customer base nationwide and channel them to their online store. Through research and analysis, they determined that the military community represented an active and loyal customer segment with great buying power. Offering a military discount was a simple way to pique the interest of both existing and future military customers, but Shooter’s Pro Shop also needed a way to protect any exclusive promotion they offer to the military community and accurately track the response.


Shooter’s Pro Shop implemented SheerID’s military verification solution as part of their existing check-out process, allowing the company to offer an exclusive military discount. The 10% discount was advertised on Shooter’s Pro Shop’s website, on their Facebook page, and SheerID promoted the offer on several social media networks and within multiple online military communities.

The military market was an obvious market segment for us. With the ability to verify military service through SheerID, offering a military discount became an easy decision for us. We were able to market the discount openly knowing that only eligible customers could redeem the offer.

Mark Roberts, Partner, Shooter’s Pro Shop Holdings


The discount immediately went viral, being picked up by a variety of military communities on websites and Facebook pages, reaching over 100,000 members of the military in 24 hours.