Client Success: ThinkEDUExceeding Vendor Requirements and Customer Expectations


  • In 2014, ThinkEDU picked up several new software manufacturers including Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone was attracted to ThinkEDU largely because of their long time experience in handling academic verification and improved verification methods via SheerID.
  • ThinkEDU was selected by the Foundation for California Community Colleges to build and manage the’s 200+ eStore configurations as part of the ThinkEDU eStore Network. One of the reasons they chose ThinkEDU was their strength in academic verification.
  • ThinkEDU experienced a 539% year over year sales increase.


ThinkEDU is a one-stop shop for students, faculty, and staff to purchase their software, hardware, accessories, and more. When the academic re-seller launched in 2012, they wanted a verification eligibility solution that offered complete coverage, a quick response time, and a superior customer experience for their online store. Because of the deep discounts offered on academic versions of software, manufacturers require eligibility verification to ensure that only currently enrolled students and educators currently employed at accredited institutions and school can purchase their products at academic prices, which can be up to 85% off retail prices. Some methods of verification require up to 48 hours for approval, require a fax, or don’t cover up to 34% of college students.


SheerID teamed up with ThinkEDU to instantly verify college students and educators post- purchase. Once a customer’s eligibility has been verified by SheerID, they receive an email from ThinkEDU letting them know that they have been verified and their order is being processed.

SheerID’s verification technology has definitely given us a competitive advantage against other online academic resellers and helped us form partnerships with manufacturers and eStore partners. Our customers also appreciate our simple, speedy check out process, which wouldn’t be possible without SheerID’s instant verification solutions.

Allan Fischler, Chief Operating Officer, ThinkEDU


Since launching in 2012, ThinkEDU has experienced explosive growth, both in sales and its vendor relationships. ThinkEDU has gained a reputation as an academic reseller that software manufacturers can trust with their academic pricing.