Client Success: Wholesale Halloween CostumesIncreasing Incremental Revenue


  • overall lift in conversion rates of 10-12%
  • high ROI
  • “set it and forget it” implementation


Before partnering with SheerID, Wholesale Halloween Costumes was on the hunt for new ways to differentiate their sites from the competition. It is not a promo driven site, so exclusive discounts to targeted audiences were a great strategy for driving incremental revenue.


A military discount gated by a SheerID verification form in a simple, java pop-up form was added to the web site. The new discounts are prominently featured on the top hand navigation bar and in banners on the home page so they are easy for qualified customers to find.

We would not be able to offer a military appreciation program without SheerID's service that protects our discount codes from fraud and abuse.

Jim Moore, VP of Marketing, Wholesale Halloween Costumes


Implementing offers protected by SheerID not only drives incremental revenue on Wholesale Halloween Costumes from military families, but also positively effects revenue across all customer segments.