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Are you like us and hate those Internet service websites that don’t actually tell you what they do? Here at SheerID, we want you to know what we do because:

  • it is something no one else is doing
  • it is a service you really need
  • we think it is just two scoops of awesome

SheerID offers a service that verifies that a customer qualifies for a special offer.

SheerID’s service acts as a bridge between your website, POS system, mobile app, and/or internal customer service sales system and any database. As that bridge, SheerID verifies if a customer qualifies for your discount or special offer. It all happens in a fraction of a second.


Q: How does it integrate in my website?

A: Literally, any way you want it to. We can verify:

  • before a customer enters an exclusive section of your site (like for academic versions of products)
  • before joining a club (like a special teachers’ discount club)
  • as a customer enters a coupon code
  • as they click “submit” at the end of a shopping experience

We will work with you to integrate SheerID’s identity verification into your website, POS system, mobile app, or internal customer service sales system in the most seamless way possible. We offer customized solutions to fit your needs, your products, and the needs of your customer.

Q: How long does it take to get the service integrated with my business?

A: The SheerID service can simply plug in to most shopping carts, POS systems, mobile apps, or internal customer services sales systems. You can be verifying identities and offering discounts within a couple of days.

Q: How does the verification process actually work?

A: SheerID’s service acts as a bridge between your buying process and secure databases. As that bridge, we verify if a customer qualifies for your discount, and it all happens in less than one tick of a clock. SheerID doesn’t store any data, we don’t even see the data. We simply ask the database for a “yes” or a “no” and return that “yes” or “no” to your online shopping cart, POS system, mobile app, or customer service sales system. Oh, it also involves laser beams, diced tomatoes, and baby unicorns.

Q: What groups can I offer discounts to with the SheerID service?

A: We can verify the identity of any college student, any college alumni, any active military personnel, any military veteran, and any group that is specific to your business–your distributors, your most loyal customers, etc. We can also work with you and any association or group that you want to reach. Contact us and we can talk through your specific needs.

Q: What if I only want to offer discounts to a group a couple times per year?

A: You can use SheerID or NOT use it any time you want. Because you only pay per transaction that you want verified–you don’t pay if you don’t use it.

Q: What if the SheerID verification comes back with a “no, you do not qualify for the discount?”

A: We will work with you directly to determine messaging in your shopping cart around a “no.” There are several options of how you want to handle a “no.” If your customer needs a personal touch, SheerID has a customer service team staffed 24/7/365 or you can use your in-house team. Our goal is to turn a “no” into a purchase in your cart.Contact us for more information.

Q: How will SheerID increase my ROI?

A: Targeting your marketing efforts always give a better ROI, but it can be difficult to do online as things go viral. The SheerID platform verifies that only eligible customers receive your targeted special offers. It verifies customers in your shopping cart transparently and within a fraction of a second, keeping your buying funnel smooth.

With the SheerID solution in your shopping cart your ROI on marketing to your target market will increase the very first day.

  1. The conversion rate of your shopping cart will increase – Your ROI goes up
  2. Your customer service team won’t have to deal with and special verifications – Your ROI goes up
  3. You can relax knowing the discounts are only being redeemed by the customers who are qualified – Your ROI goes up.
  4. Use SheerID’s reporting to track successes and refine your discount strategies- Your ROI goes up.

We think it’s worth repeating one more time: With SheerID in place, your ROI goes up.

Q: How will SheerID help me attract new customers?

A:  How are your business development efforts going? Have you determined where your customers are gathering? Are they the customers of a non-competing company? Are they part of an organization or a self-defined group? Have you reached out to those groups?

SheerID can make your  biz dev dreams come true. With our platform you can confidently reach out to any group and offer them a discount, knowing that they’ll have a smooth experience in your shopping cart. And what’s the point of a new customer? To have them be so happy with you that they become a loyal customer.Contact us, get SheerID set up, then go make those biz dev calls.

Q: How can SheerID help me target my specific market?

A: Picture a utopian world where you can target a specific group of people that you want to offer a discount to because they could be a great source for new and loyal customers. No more “secret” landing pages, or links buried deep in a singular newsletter. Are you with us? Ok, now picture that you don’t have to worry about the link to your discount getting posted on the Internet. You can be free to reach out to your target market with a discount because you can verify that they are actually part of your target market. Your target market can go through your website smoothly and you can be confident that the right people are getting the right discount. Wow, we just said “target market” a lot.

Q: Seriously? SheerID is the only company that offers this solution?

A: We know, right?