SheerID Team:

Gillian Wildfire

Jake Weatherly

Co-founder / CEO
Eugene, OR

As the CEO of SheerID, Inc., Jake has advanced the company to its position as the proven leader and pioneer of instant, seamless eligibility verification and omnichannel customer validation services. He spends much of his time and energy on the strategic direction, growth and development of SheerID. When he is not concentrating on channel expansion, strategic partnerships, and product strategy, Jake is consistently pushing to achieve company milestones ahead of time and under budget.

During his 15 years prior to co-founding SheerID, Jake focused his career on fostering entrepreneurship and economic growth in the small business sector. He traveled the world teaching business and marketing planning to small business leaders, enterprise organizations, consultants, NGOs and government agencies. Jake co-authored the province of Alberta, Canada's Tourism Marketing education program, developed Pearson Education's Business Feasibility Analysis software and established their Integrated Marketing Communications software curricula. While serving as an executive for a leading software company Jake worked with global powerhouses including Intel, Avaya, and SAP to develop and implement strategic planning that generated explosive growth in their reseller and partner sales channels.

Jake is a devoted husband and father with three young sons, including identical twins. A fearless backcountry skier, bat-out-of-hell mountain biker, global trekker, and rare car collector and aficionado, Jake doesn't do anything part way, and is one of those people who seems to have 28-hour days and 8-day weeks.

David Shear

Co-founder / President
Eugene, OR

As the president of SheerID, David Shear oversees the day to day operation of sales, business development and new group database acquisition. A SheerID co-founder, David developed and is implementing an aggressive market expansion plan that targets online retailers who need to verify students and quickly pivots to offer verification services for association members, military families, corporate employees, union members and government employees.

In his former life, David directed and managed a manufacturer’s efforts to gain retail shelf space for their new products. David’s market instincts and aggressive sales strategy landed product placement with retail giants like Costco, Target, Sam’s Club, Office Depot, Office Max, and Staples, resulting in enormous year-over-year sales growth during a period of overall slumping retail sales.

David has been slowly sucked into outdoor activities by Jake and Marci. He can now be found occasionally freezing on the top of a mountain or hanging from a rock 150 feet in the air. David is a sports fanatic who loves coaching his two sons’ teams and spending time with them at college football and basketball games. David has an unhealthy connection with the University of Oregon football team. Losses by the Ducks can result in a surly president giving all of SheerID employees a reason to pull for Oregon. GO DUCKS!

Marci Hansen

Co-founder / CMO
Eugene, OR

In order to deliver a disruptive business service to an enormous online market, SheerID’s marketing plan requires an aggressive, out-of-the-box approach. Marci came to SheerID with all of the tools and experience necessary to take on the job. With 13 years of marketing leadership in online retail, Marci has a deep knowledge of social media, online marketing, and branding on the web. Awarded Guerilla Marketing of the Year by Brandweek Magazine, Marci is SheerID’s resident all-star.

Marci likes the outdoors more than anyone you have ever met. A rock climbing, mountain scaling, river kayaking, skiing, trail running, mt biking Northwest girl at heart, Marci is outside every free minute. If collecting mountain summits was a crime Marci would be serving 30-to-life.

Alex Boone

EVP of Technology
Raleigh, NC

Every technology company needs a hair-on-fire code warrior. Ours is Alex Boone. Alex is the architect of the SheerID verification platform. SheerID’s seamless cart integration, instant verification process and scalable API are all the result of Alex’s creativity and tech mastery. He is a traditional coder with a love for solving real world problems by simplifying a process through the application of technology. A formally trained programmer, Alex has delivered enterprise software solutions into a wide range of industries using multiple languages. He has worked for the world’s leading open-source technology solutions provider and created complex software solutions used throughout the Internet retail world.

Extremely competitive, Alex is not someone you want to run into on a soccer field. A sports fanatic, whether it is Chapel Hill for basketball or Germany for the World Cup, Alex will travel for a good game.

Harry Lalor

EVP of Data Acquisition and Business Development
Washington, DC

We feel pretty confident knowing that the future of SheerID’s business development strategy is in the hands of Harry, an amateur palmist who was taught by a Persian gypsy. Who wouldn’t want a fortune teller heading up biz dev, especially one who has negotiated strategic partnership agreements with heavy hitters like Dell, Cablevision, Angie’s List, PayPal, FedEx, American Express, Intuit, Constant Contact, Gateway Computer, and Global Payments for Network Solutions?

Harry is also in charge of data acquisition, and on that front we’re counting on his 26 years of experience specializing in managing and negotiating B2C and B2B partnerships and creating new distribution channels as the Vice President of Channel Development at Broadwing Communications, LLC, and Vice President of Business Development at Network Solutions, LLC. Harry excelled in both roles. The integration process and results Harry masterminded after Focal was acquired by Broadwing made the cover of Telephony Magazine. He made the news again a few years later as a finalist for the 2011 Stevies award for Worldwide Sales VP of the year after a couple of his partners at Network Solutions nominated him for the award.

A little known fact about Harry – while he dabbles in forecasting the future, he also has strong roots to the past as a Civil War buff and the current resident of a house sitting directly on the site of the Battle of Dranesville. With Harry’s vision for SheerID’s continued growth and expansion, and solid understanding of our founding principles, the future looks bright for SheerID.

Rocky Scales

SVP of Sales
Portland, OR

If you recognize the name Rocky Scales, you may have seen him in Inc. Magazine for his breakthrough sales achievement or at one of his past employers including HP, Diamond Multimedia, and MusicMatch. Our SVP of Sales, Rocky, brings years of experience to his leadership role at SheerID and we're confident that the future of SheerID's sales is bright. Outside of strategizing with the sales team, you can find Rocky enjoying the outdoors whether it's on the beaches of Hawaii, hitting the slopes, or out on the greens of a nice golf course. A few of Rocky's favorite things are Italy, watching The Masters, and concerts. Rocky has been to over 100 concerts and plans to attend at least 100 more before he loses his hearing.

Jane Yates

Head of Corporate Legal
Eugene, OR

With nearly 15 years of experience in the legal field, a degree from the University of Oregon Law School, a degree from the American University of Paris, and being fluent in English, French, and Italian, Jane’s expertise is just what SheerID was looking for in a Head of Corporate Legal. On the weekends you might just be able to find her hitting the slopes and cheering on her favorite football team, the Ducks! Our favorite fun fact about Jane is that she once hung up on Bill Clinton, because only a prank caller would say, “The President’s office is calling,” right?

Scott Hollingsworth

VP of Finance
Portland, OR

Our VP of Finance is an Oregon native – born and raised in Portland. After graduating with a degree in Public Heath from Oregon State University and receiving his accounting certification from Portland State University, Scott moved to San Francisco to work for a software start up and met his wife the second day on the job! Now that they are back in Portland, they have added an adorable son, River and mini Australian Shepard, Leopold to their family. When Scott isn’t geeking out on Excel formulas and dissecting balance sheets, he enjoys spending time outside by running, biking, park visits, and even walking to brunch with his family.

Andrew Platon

Portland, OR

As our Controller, Andrew comes with an impressive list of experience in accounting and is here to make sure that all of our finances are in order. Outside of work Andrew is an avid sports fan. Some of his favorite sports memories include attending the Blazer’s playoff games against the Houston Rockets in 2011 and the Dallas Mavericks in 2014. He also was lucky enough to go to Columbus, OH in 2015 to cheer on the Portland Timbers to victory, winning their first championship in the MLS Cup. Andrew has done a bit of traveling, including a 10 day road trip in Ireland that both started and ended in Dublin. A fun fact about Andrew is that he won a doubles badminton tournament in college.

Jamie Mitchell

Eugene, OR

Our bookkeeper is a Eugene native who married her childhood friend and high school sweetheart. Now Jamie and her husband live on five acres with their two girls, a border collie, their cat, and their own flock of chickens. She graduated from Northwest Christian University with a degree in Business Administration Management, and she’s more than qualified to keep our accounts in order. When she’s not taking care of invoicing our clients, paying bills, or helpfully reminding us to submit our expense reports, she and her family can usually be found exploring the great outdoors. She enjoys camping, hiking, gardening, and scuba diving!

Danya Ariel-Boggs

Office and Desktop IT Manager
Eugene, OR

Every office needs a computer wizard and it's safe to say Danya fits that role perfectly at SheerID. As our Office and Desktop IT Manager, Danya is in charge of computer setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting in order to keep everything running smoothly. Danya is also in charge of a plethora of other project around the office including CRM management and special projects. As a Eugene native, Danya takes full advantage of the beautiful landscapes by hiking and exploring the outdoors. He also enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, soccer, and bike polo. A fun fact about Danya is that you may just find him and his wife out singing karaoke on the weekends.

Julianne Matzell

VP of Product
Portland, OR

As our VP of Product, Julianne is an enterprise software product specialist with over 15 years of experience driving software product design, go-to-market strategy, and enterprise solution implementations. She has a passion for creating great products that leverage data and are loved by customers. She enjoys the challenge of running successful product organizations that focus on listening to customers and working with all areas of an organization to help all be successful!

Outside the office she loves anything outdoors – hiking, biking, windsurfing, gardening, you name it! She has a daily meditation and Yoga practice. Julianne loves traveling and has been fortunate to be able to take advantage of extended work opportunities in Switzerland, England, Ireland, the Netherlands and Singapore, study Yoga in and travel throughout India, and explore The Kingdom of Bhutan, Bali, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belarus, Australia, Thailand, Nicaragua, and Guatemala with many more adventures on her list.

Gillian Wildfire

Product Manager
Portland, OR

Although Gillian has worked in many different industries over the past nine years (non-profit, eCommerce, consumer packaged goods, tech, and telecommunications), her vision for product marketing has always stayed the same. Gillian’s focus and passion has always been to create products that best meet customer needs and messages that resonate with the right people at the right time. She believes understanding and knowing people inside and out is the best way to achieve her goals. Gillian says her desire to understand people dates back to when she was 16 doing archaeological digs in the Virgin Islands, Arizona, and Ireland.

Outside of work Gillian can be found acting at the theater in downtown Portland, putting her Sommelier skills to use through making and teaching about wine, playing the banjo, volunteering with the Forte Foundation which helps women to apply to MBA school, and running half marathons. A fun fact about Gillian is that she used to be a professional a-cappella singer, which is where she met her extremely talented husband. Aca-love.

Laura Schalk

Product Quality Manager
Eugene, OR

With over a decade of experience in the product field our Product Quality Manager, Laura, brings her knowledge in supporting, designing solutions, QAing, and training others to use software to the SheerID team. You can see her previous work on sites like IBM and for the last four and a half years Laura specifically focused on leading a team of Agile Development Product Analysts/Quality Assurance to ensure features for products were well-designed, tested, documented, and communicated to other teams.

When Laura takes a break from perfecting the SheerID products she can be found backpacking the Appalachian Trail, kayaking in the San Juan Islands with resident Orca Pods, traveling abroad, snorkeling in Mexico, practicing yoga, participating in various mud-runs, reading Tolkien or George R.R. Martin, at Renaissance fairs, or with her son who lives in North Carolina. To say she keeps busy may be an understatement! A fun fact about Laura is that she has a love for animals, especially for the "gentle giant" dog breeds. She currently has two Great Pyrenees and has also had an Irish Wolfhound and Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Jim Gore

VP of Operations
Eugene, OR

With 2 degrees from University of Oregon, our project manager is well-qualified to keep all our Ducks in a row. (Like the Oregon Ducks, get it?) He is also unfazed by bad puns, enjoys a solid 8am tee time or catching a live show on the weekends, and likes to run long distances for fun. Jim has a PMP certification from the Project Management Institute, and more than 20 years of experience in software development and complex system delivery in CAD/CAM industry and Financial Services industry. He loves innovation and entrepreneurial cultures, so he fits right in at SheerID.

Kirk Dutton

Director of Client Services
Eugene, OR

When any company or organization is ready to write a playbook for protecting their online discounts, Kirk is the man for the job. Kirk not only has a solid background of business management and marketing, but he has over 13 years of sales and account manager experience. He is an expert strategist who works with our clients to reduce their fraud levels and ultimately increase their online sales. Track him down at practice where you can find him coaching his children’s football, basketball and baseball teams year round, or look for him at a Ducks’ game tailgating with his Kappa Sigma brothers. Yes, like David, Tim, and Josh, Kirk is a fervent U of O fan. Are you starting to notice a pattern here?

Jay Roberts

VP of Research and Development
Eugene, OR

Before landing in Eugene, OR to work for SheerID, Jay traveled extensively, racking up the miles and the experiences to go with them. As an enlisted Marine, he was stationed in North Carolina, Okinawa Japan and southern California, and traveled to Norway, Germany, the UK, and Denmark. Later, after completing an undergrad degree in physics, he was commissioned as an officer in the Navy submarine/nuclear power program and spent time in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan, and off the coast of the Soviet Union. He also logged many miles on his motorcycle in the good old U S of A, where he’s traveled from Alabama to Alaska, and was even struck by lightning on the interstate during one of his coast to coast adventures! We’re glad he’s okay because we’re counting on his background in engineering, graduate level education in computational fluid dynamics, and his experience at internet start-ups to take SheerID’s R&D department to the next level. These days when he’s not in Eugene, he’s probably in Osaka, Japan with his wife and son, where they live full-time.

Dakota Bailey

Senior Software Engineer/System Administrator
Boulder, CO

Dakota started life by being caught by "The Mother of Authentic Midwifery" on a hippie commune outside Summertown, TN. After spending most of his childhood in Omaha, Nebraska, he moved with his young bride to the East Coast to begin their careers. Dakota worked at several different startups, filling multiple roles while delivering rock solid applications.

After 10 years of East Coast living, Dakota and his family were inspired by the beauty of the mountains and moved to the Eugene, Oregon, of Colorado, Boulder. He joined a top tier software consultancy and spent the next two years helping clients learn the best practices of software engineering while delivering a wide range of applications.

Dakota is thrilled to be back at a small company where he can wear multiple hats and have a big impact on the future of the business. He's particularly excited to be involved in updating code and infrastructure to scale up to meet the growing needs of our clients.

When he's not working in his basement office Dakota can be found exploring the mountains and coffee shops of Colorado with his wife and three children.

Dan Koch

Senior Developer
Eugene, OR

Our Software Developer keeps a cool head around the SheerID office, but meet up with him after hours at a pool hall, and he’ll turn on the heat. He plays in Eugene’s local BCA league for both 9-ball and 8-ball, and he’s tournament tough. His bachelor’s degree in Computer and Information Science is from U of O, and he considers himself a football fan. However, although he is a Ducks fan, you’re more likely to find him cheering on the Portland Timbers, Liverpool FC, and the US men's national team (AKA soccer teams to American football fans).

Matthew Johnson

Front-end Developer
Portland, OR

With a degree in Commercial Art: Illustration, and over 15 years experience as a web designer and developer, Matthew is more than qualified to be a part of the amazing development team at SheerID. In the past he has worked with an impressive list of clients that include larger organizations, individual artists, concert venues, social services, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies. In his spare time, Matthew and his wife have enjoyed restoring their 1892 Victorian farmhouse, where they live with their 4 children, ages 6-16. He is also the coach for a local high school robotics team, is an avid martial artist, and enjoys running through the local Portland parks to keep in shape.

David Coles

Front End Development Engineer
Eugene, OR

Our front end Developer David, plays a key part in developing SheerID's hosted implementations and keeping all our professional services running smoothly. While David has lived in the United States since the age of 12, he was born and raised on a remote island in the Marshall Islands called Kwajalein. (The Marshall Islands are located between Hawaii and the Philippians and from the pictures we saw, it looks stunning!) In his spare time, David enjoys hiking and exploring, learning and researching new topics, and collecting vintage audio equipment.

Arlo Waterbury


Arlo and the SheerID team go way back. Arlo, Alex, and Jake have worked together for 12 years. Originally hired as part time technical support, he quickly began cutting his teeth on web code between calls. Since then, this software programmer has earned some serious chops, he’s done everything from leading a team of programmers to rewrite a web application designed to search, display and edit complex data using a large set of user defined criteria, to co-founding his own web-hosting company. His technical skills and entrepreneurial spirit came in handy when he and his wife decided to pursue a life-long dream and live in Italy last year. While they explored Cinque Terre, Florence, Rome, and learned to ski in the Alps, Arlo paid the bills by building and maintaining applications for his clients. Now the world traveler has returned stateside with his wife and 10 month old daughter, and has been reunited with his amicos and pals at SheerID. We’re pleased to have him on board as a Developer.

Ben Coats

Senior JavaScript Engineer
South Carolina

Not many people can say that they have been professionally working in their field since the age of 14, but our Senior JavaScript Engineer, Ben, can. At age 17 he started freelance contracting and ended up writing an electronical medical records system for a group of forensic pathologists which lead him to produce a suite of apps specifically targeting that field. Since then Ben has worked for companies like Bank of America and Starz and even spent some time in the insurance world working on enterprise communication platforms until he found his new home at SheerID.

Outside of the IT world, Ben enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids, camping, hiking, working outside, and building random things. His physics background has helped him to build things like wooden/fiberglass rowboats and some amazing holiday decorations including a 20’x7’ spider to display in his front yard, a 7’x6.5’ spaceship, and a 6.5’ long batmobile - both were props for his son’s Halloween costumes. A fun fact about Ben is that he’s currently in a very intense competition with his six year old son in Pokemon Go. Although Ben is a level 28 Pokemon trainer, his son is perpetually trying to one-up him.

Jason Hershman

Art Director
Eugene, OR

Jason Hershman is our Art Director at SheerID and just between us, he has worked with the best in the biz. From the United States Postal Service to Boyz II Men, he has designed the heck out of websites and promotional products, and helped bring company branding projects into focus to get the design point across as quickly and efficiently as possible. Quite simply, he's a graphic whiz kid. With an adorable 2-year-old daughter to chase around his historical home in downtown Eugene, Jason is doing his East Coast best to fit into the slower West Coast vibe. He's already promised to train for the annual SheerID mountain climb when he's not working on the graphic needs of our busy office.

‘Chelle Parmele

Director of Marketing
Eugene, OR

‘Chelle’s brain is like an encyclopedia on steroids, cataloging impressively obscure facts about every musician, film star, or celebrity that ever walked the Earth. Luckily for us, her mind is also crammed full of 12 years’ worth of insights and information about social media, event planning, and PR-all filed away under the letter “M” for Marketing. ‘Chelle hails from the land of the Cornhuskers, but she’s made an agreement with the Oregon Ducks (and 1/3rd of the SheerID office). She promises to cheer for U of O as long as they never play against the Huskers. These days her journeys take her deep into forests, scaling a few rock walls, and floating down rivers as her love of the outdoors and exploring the world around her grows. It's hard not to be a nature person when living in Oregon, and she's making the most out of the opportunities.

Angela Modzelewski

VP of Marketing
Portland, OR

Our VP of Marketing is a bit of an enigma. Some wonder how she’s managed to pack so much experience in PR, social media marketing, ecommerce, brand development, and online marketing into just 11 years in the industry. She credits her good time-management skills. Rumor has it that she once toured the country with Phish and Good Charlotte dressed in a pig costume as part of an infamous non-profit’s youth outreach campaign, but Angela will neither confirm nor deny this story. She will say she’s visited all 50 states, and admits she has a secret identity as Cherry Lipsmacker, the former Guns N Roller and coach of the Rose City Rollers junior roller derby team. All you really need to know is that Angela has a passion for marketing, loves definable metrics, and gets results.

Madeline Boehmer

Communications Specialist
Portland, OR

Born and raised in Eugene, it was only natural that Madeline would love the Oregon Ducks. Besides cheering on the Ducks during football and basketball season, Madeline loves traveling, playing tennis, and discovering new restaurants. Her current favorites in Eugene include Sabai and Belly. She recently relocated to Portland, and is having fun checking out all the cafes and restaurants in the Portland Metro area. While Madeline doesn’t mind the rain in the Pacific Northwest, she absolutely loves summertime in Oregon and takes full advantage of the beautiful weather by hiking and hanging out at the lake with her family and friends.

Katie Keller

Manager of Strategic Communications
Pocatello, ID

While Katie is from the Bay Area, she has spent the better half of the last decade in San Diego, which is where she kicked off her PR career and was first introduced to SheerID. Katie originally worked on the SheerID account at the PR agency we used and handled media outreach, copy, and strategy in partnership with the internal SheerID marketing team. After a few new career roles and two new cities, we're excited that Katie finally decided to join the SheerID team! When she is not whipping up press releases or crafting pitches, Katie likes to hang out in Idaho with her rescue pup, Lucy, and cheers on her college football coach husband, Dorian - if you want to talk college football, she's your girl!

Jess Winkelman

Director of Customer Service
Eugene, OR

A true Oregonian, Jess does not own an umbrella, and she will attend any local festival, parade, or community event- rain or shine. She handles every customer service call, fax, and email with a smile, even if she’s dealing with a sticky situation that would make the rest of us crawl under our desks with a donut (or three) and hide. Not content to sit behind a desk all day fielding customer service calls and emails, she bikes or walks every day with her daughter and has taught personal finance classes to grade school, middle school, and high school students in the Eugene area. Jess is also in charge of making our holidays merry and bright. We have a hunch that her overflowing collection of holiday decorations and Christmas ornaments is destined to outgrow its dedicated room in her house and ooze into the SheerID office anyway, so we figured we’d go ahead and make it official.

Shirlee Jacobson

Sales Director
Minneapolis, MN and Sarasota, FL

Our Sales Director, Shirlee, is a card carrying member of the ‘bitten by the travel bug’ club. Not only has she traveled to Europe, Australia, and Taiwan, she currently ping pongs back and forth between Minneapolis, MN and Sarasota, FL on a regular basis, calling Minnesota home in the summer and Florida home in the winter. We expect her to rack up even more frequent flyer miles while on the clock for SheerID as she attends conferences and schedules meetings with some of the biggest names in retail. Her previous clients include household names like Best Buy, Amazon, and Dell. If you’re trying to track her down after work hours, check somewhere warm and sunny where the only thing between her feet and the sand is a pair of flip flops. We’re pretty sure she’s going to start advocating for no-shoes Wednesday at the office soon. As the mom of a son who is currently serving in the Army, Shirlee is especially passionate about SheerID’s military verification platform, but she’s eager to introduce retailers to all of SheerID’s verification solutions.

Jesse Hansen

National Sales Director
Eugene, OR

Jesse is a fan of all things “boarding”- surfing, snowboarding, paddle boarding, and onboarding new SheerID clients. He came to SheerID with one goal in mind- helping our clients determine how verification can help them meet their goals- and he’s got the sales, business development, and customer service background to get the job done. When he’s not in a sales meeting or focusing on lead generation, you can often find Jesse hiking with his lovely wife and two sons, or kicking back at the hottest new spot in town, usually before anyone else has even heard of it.

Josh Harrison

Regional Vice President of Sales - Eastern US Region
Portland, OR

Josh enjoys traveling abroad, golf, snowboarding, and just about anything football-related. A natural at relationship building, his sociable nature is a definite asset to the SheerID team. Josh is of the philosophy that trust based relationships are the key to successful business partnerships, an attitude that may explain the years of success he’s enjoyed in the field. His primary focus at SheerID is assisting Enterprise retailers in the apparel, consumer goods, and outdoor/sporting industries find a verification solution that meets their needs. He also works closely with a number of e-commerce platforms to integrate SheerID's technology, making it even easier for e-tailers to use SheerID's customer eligibility verification services.

Tim Shear

Regional Vice President of Sales - Western US Region
Eugene, OR

Hardcore University of Oregon fans may recognize Tim from his glory days on the football field as a Linebacker for the Ducks. Although he rarely shows up at the SheerID office muddy and grass stained, Tim does bring his A-game to work every day. With over 10 years of experience under his belt, Tim is our MVP when it comes to developing strategic business opportunities and orchestrating mutually beneficial business relationships quickly in the ticketing, sponsorship, media markets, and more. Lest you think Tim is just a jock, we’ll have you know he’s the first to reach for bleu cheese and heirloom tomatoes to top his burger at a SheerID barbeque. So let’s recap, in Tim we have an Executive Director who is a fierce competitor with a sophisticated, softer side and his clients’ best interests at heart? Yep, that’s how we roll.

Alex Disette

Regional Vice President of Sales - Middle US Region
Littleton, CO

With over 15 years of professional experience working for companies like Vesta Corporation and Sprint, Alex says the keys to business success are comprised of establishing long-term relationships, maintaining industry credibility, market research, and establishing a work environment that inspires productivity. Outside of managing clients, Alex enjoys spending most of his weekends in the Rocky Mountains, mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking and camping with his wife and two kids. He also loves spending time in South Florida and finding remote keys to anchor the boat for the afternoon. A fun fact about Alex is that he once teamed up with his brother and won the state of Missouri BBQ championship – we hope he’ll bring those cooking skills to a SheerID party!

Kelsey Sokol

Sales Development Representative
Eugene, OR

Although Kelsey was born and raised in Eugene, she only considers Eugene her home base due to her love of travel. As a professional photographer/videographer for the past 5 years, she has had the opportunity to travel the world and plans to continue traveling in the future, just as her grandparents did. Aside from photography and traveling, Kelsey found that the world of sales was a natural fit for her after she started working at Symantec/Veritas. Her creative, funny, hardworking, and competitive personality is what allows her to go after her goals and achieve them.

A few fun facts about Kelsey are that she had the chance to own her own media businesses and worked with famous musicians like B.o.B, Snoop Dogg, and Nappy Roots, winter is her favorite time of the year (even with Eugene rain!), and she has a white female cat named Lord Vader.