We partner with web platforms who standardize on our verification solution.

We take on the implementation heavy-lifting

We offer multiple options for implementation within the shopping experience

Our coupon and discount solutions allow a complete lock-down of all discount promotions

Our partnerships allows for quick adoption and implementation with retailers

If you are a retailer who wants us to work with your CRM platform, contact us. Implementation can be smooth and quick.

If you are a platform looking for a couponing, discounting, and/or verification solution, we should talk right away. We offer a competitive advantage that your sales team and your customers will love.

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Secrets to Omnichannel Success: How to Conquer Today’s Retail Market

Omnichannel Success

Today's consumers demand instant gratification, whether they're shopping online, in a store, or using a phone or tablet. Explore the benefits of an omnichannel approach to retail and marketing, and take away valuable tips for building an omnichannel strategy in today's marketplace.