With SheerID’s hosted implementation, your eligibility verification solution can be live in as little as six business days.

We’ll do all the heavy lifting.

Whatever you need to protect, SheerID has the service for you. Let’s get started.

In a hurry or have no availability in your company IT calendar?

Our hosted implementation service allows you to link from anywhere on your site or in your messaging, to your exclusive offer. The verification page is branded with your logo and website look and feel. Once the verification is complete, your customer is passed on to your shopping or registration process.

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Advantages of SheerID

Your customer stays your customer- no 3rd party registration or requirements

No exposure of personally identifiable information or invasive requirements like Social Security Number

You control the vertical—the security level for your verification can be as strict as you need it be

Omnichannel and flexible, you can verify customers in-person, on a mobile device, online, or through your own customer service representatives, and at any point in your shopping experience.

Companies who trust SheerID’s hosted verification solutions:

SheerID Hosted Lightboxes

Want something with a little more branding power? A SheerID hosted lightbox allows your customers to remain on your website. The SheerID hosted form opens in front of your website and upon success, the window closes, allowing the customer to continue in your shopping experience. You choose where and when verification takes place to gate special offers or member-only pricing.

Whatever you need to protect, SheerID has the service for you. Let’s get started.

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The Unknown Benefits of Exclusivity

The Unknown Benefits of Exclusivity

Over the years, retailers have discovered the power of creating unique offers for military, teachers, students, and other targeted audiences. Learn five benefits of exclusivity, and how you can keep an exclusive offer truly exclusive.