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Fill all the seats in your house more often with targeted promotions.

With SheerID, you can instantly verify that promotional tickets only go to eligible patrons. SheerID verifies that your customers qualify for special offers, exclusive tickets, or sponsored promotions. We work with multiple online ticketing platforms and also have solutions to verify patrons using any ticketing platform.

SheerID’s most popular promotional ticketing segments are:

College Students

Military-active duty, veterans, retired, spouses

K-12 Teachers

Small Businesses

Employees of large corporations

Groups who trust SheerID for their
event verification:

Create goodwill, brand loyalty, and positive word-of-mouth that advertising dollars alone can’t buy.

Be relevant to your target markets with custom solutions.

Take your college student promotions online to eliminate hassle and increase the success of those events. Our verification solution for student-rush will blow your mind.

Offer a military night and allow your honored guests to buy their tickets online. We verify instantly and eliminate fraud.

Offer matinee or early ticket discounts to teachers. We can help you reach teachers and the promotion will create great buzz.

Make it easy for your ticketing staff to accurately verify eligibility for promotional tickets at the box office with our customer service console or mobile solutions.

The potential of targeted campaigns to sell more tickets, get more butts in the seats, sell more concessions, and bring in incremental revenue is endless.

With SheerID handling your ticket verification, you’ll eliminate any risk of fraudulent use, allowing you to give deeper discounts and more compelling promotions. You decide who redeems your discounts, what verification requirements to accept, and how, when, and where you want your customers verified.

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The Unknown Benefits of Exclusivity

The Unknown Benefits of Exclusivity

Over the years, retailers have discovered the power of creating unique offers for military, teachers, students, and other targeted audiences. Learn five benefits of exclusivity, and how you can keep an exclusive offer truly exclusive.