SheerID helps companies protect their special offers by instantly verifying customer segments online.

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We are a team of marketing geeks, programming whiz kids, and creative account advisers who are transforming the world of ecommerce.

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Jake Weatherly
Jake Weatherly

Jake Weatherly

Co-founder / CEO

"If you operate from a place of fear or resistance to change, you become blind to the most exciting opportunities and growth. Celebrating the adventure of uncertainty, while staying focused on vision and measurable goals, makes me more productive."

David Shear
David Shear

David Shear

Co-founder / President

"Problem solving is about identifying a pain point, understanding the variables, and then investigating the feasibility of potential solutions. I’m a problem solver. I like bringing together individuals, technologies, and objectives to create solutions that really work."

Marci Hansen
Marci Hansen

Marci Hansen

Co-founder / CMO

"I always ask 'why not?' instead of 'why?' I see a challenge and want to crash in and figure out how to do something; I don't have much patience for non-doers. My instinct is to always take action immediately."

Company History

SheerID launched in 2011 to transform existing, protected, private data into an eligibility verification service for online commerce. The company saw explosive growth starting in the beginning of 2012, and currently provides a secure verification platform for companies like Spotify, Foot Locker, PGA TOUR, and Costco. SheerID's clients use eligibility verification to offer exclusive promotional discounts to military personnel, college students, teachers, first responders, and other communities online or in a mobile environment.

2011 - SheerID is founded to verify the eligibility of college students and military.

Feb 2012 - Charnelton office opens in Eugene, Oregon with 10 employees.

Oct 2012 - K-12 teacher verification is launched.

Jan 2013 - SheerID hires an Oregon-based call center to handle increased volume.

June 2013 - First responder verification is launched.

August 2013 - Alumni verification is launched.

Oct 2013 - SheerID adds professor and faculty verification.

Dec 2013 - Amazon standardizes on SheerID to satisfy vendors' requirements for academic products.

Feb 2014 - 14M veteran records are added to verification data.

Sep 2015 - Secured a $5.3M investment round led by Voyager Capital.

February 2016 - SheerID expands to open Portland office.

April 2016 - SheerID adds ProDeal and Employee verification.