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How it Works

– SheerID’s 5-Point Plan –


Select Eligible Segment

SheerID provides over 10 eligibility segments that you can align with the attributes of your target customers.

SheerID Platform Segmentations


Create Exclusive Offer

Use the SheerID Composer to make your gated offer truly exclusive. In a recent report by Kelton Research, 47 million Americans said they would negatively view a brand that didn’t protect an exclusive offer.


Invite Customers

Distribute your gated offer on your advertising, email, and social channels and invite customers to opt-in and prove eligibility.

Example of exclusive, gated student offer


Verify Eligible Customers

SheerID determines eligibility in the blink of an eye using thousands of authoritative data sources.


Re-Engage and Build Customer Relationships

SheerID allows you to create campaigns that are one-time, recurring, or evergreen. Redeem with your own single-use code or one that we generate for you. You’re in complete control.

The brand and consumer relationship with the verification process