Marketing to the Military Explained

The military is a highly valuable community to target.
This article was originally published in 2020, but has been updated to reflect new research and consumer trends. A lot has changed since we first covered this topic, but the value of marketing to the military has not! The military market is huge—it’s made up of approximately 37 million service members with $1.2 trillion in ...
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Students and Teachers Can Save Big With Exclusive Back-to-School Deals

  Top brands provide personalized offers using SheerID identity marketing platform Portland, OR—August 9, 2022— SheerID, the identity marketing platform used by hundreds of leading brands around the world, has partnered with more than 50 brands that have made exclusive discounts available to millions of students and teachers as they prepare for the new school […]

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Back to Basics: Why Offer a Discount?

There are many benefits to offering customer discounts.
Discounts can get a bad rap, conjuring images of undesirable excess inventory or training shoppers to wait for a sale. But when approached with thoughtful strategy and intention, offering a discount can drive customer acquisition, foster long-term customer loyalty, and improve customer lifetime value.  In this article, we’ll apply a strategic lens to some back-to-basic ...
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Using .Edu Email Addresses To Verify Students? Time to Reconsider

1 New Text Message on Screen - Do You Rely on .Edu Email Addresses as Proof of Eligibility for Students?

Exclusive discounts have long been a strategy for retailers to gain attention from target customer groups – think “student discount”. Not only are they effective, but they’re a great way to edge out the competition and keep customers coming back. However, the rise of ecommerce has made giving these exclusive discounts more of a challenge. How do you ensure that your customer is actually a currently enrolled student, and not someone just trying to get a discount?

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Building a Zero-Party Data Strategy That Improves Customer Retention

Brands can use zero-party data to boost customer retention.
While promotional marketing aimed at attracting new customers tends to draw a lot of marketing’s focus, the issue of data deprecation—largely driven by customer privacy concerns—presents a growing challenge.  Customer acquisition will always be important, but the changing nature of data availability underscores the importance of customer retention strategies that help marketers engage better with ...
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Create Brand Loyalty By Helping Your Customers Achieve Their Dreams

Brands can help customers like Hayley reach their dreams.
When I was in my early 30’s, I had some injuries that ended my career as a professional dancer. It was a shattering experience, but I emerged with a strong desire to switch mediums and become a filmmaker. I was lucky enough to get into the prestigious MFA program in film production at USC, but ...
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Improving Consumer Data Collection in a World Without Cookies

How can marketers efficiently gather the highest quality customer data?
Privacy issues are driving historic changes in how consumer data is collected. In a recent survey, 86% of Americans said data privacy is a growing concern, and 40% said they don’t trust companies to ethically use their data.  In response, platforms like Google Chrome and Apple iOS are phasing out third-party cookies, which has turned ...
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Why and How You Should Market to Low-Income Communities

There are many reasons for brands to market to low-income communities.
Marketing to low-income communities can be a highly successful strategy for your brand. Millions of Americans fall into this group, and engaging them with targeted campaigns can help you gain customers you might not otherwise acquire. It can also generate goodwill, which leads to greater brand awareness that can positively impact your entire business.  Rising ...
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Customer Acquisition or Retention?

At the core of any good marketing strategy is your customers: who they are, what they want, and how to reach them. This leads us to a common question amongst marketers: should I be prioritizing customer acquisition or retention? The short answer is both. But when deciding how to allocate your marketing budget for customer ...
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How Do You Maintain Loyalty in a Cookieless World?

As cookies phase out, marketers look to new ways to build customer loyalty.
Headlines about the demise of third-party cookies and the detrimental impacts of data deprecation are everywhere these days. And it’s true that increasing concerns about data privacy are leading to new policies and features that are changing the way brands can collect and use customer data.  But there’s an opportunity waiting in this so-called cookieless ...
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