4 Ways to Create Customer Loyalty… without Slashing Prices

A person demonstrating customer loyalty by using their rewards card.
Every brand wants greater customer loyalty, and many have built rewards programs with that goal in mind. Most rewards programs offer a monetary incentive—loyalty points that add up to a discount or a gift card. But what if that isn’t your brand’s thing? No sweat—here are four ways that you can create customer loyalty that ...
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4 Ways Expedia Created Successful Personalized Offers

Headshots of Sai Koppala and Dan St. Clair at Skift 2019 for their conversation about Expedia's personalized offers.
Traditional marketing tactics, like universal discounts and segmentation, aren’t working like they used to. This fact is particularly apparent in the hospitality industry, where consumers show more loyalty to price than they do to brands, and where universal discounts have completely taken over. Brands like Expedia are trying a new approach: personalized offers. Expedia's personalized ...
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5 Steps to Winning Loyalty with Teacher Verification

A young student reading a book his teacher purchased with a discount that used teacher verification.
Barnes & Noble knows that teachers love to read and are committed to sharing that love with their students. That’s why it created the Barnes & Noble Educators program giving teachers special offers and discounts. But when the company first launched the program, it used a manual process for teacher verification. This was time-consuming and left ...
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5 Ways Madewell’s Gated Offers Are Good Customer Loyalty Marketing

Two happy women they purchased with teacher discounts through Madewell's customer loyalty marketing program.
Madewell, the J. Crew subsidiary known for everything denim, has always implemented good customer loyalty marketing. When shoppers join Madewell Insider, they receive a treasure trove of benefits. These include a birthday gift, free shipping and handling, free returns, free leather and denim personalization, and more. Madewell also treats its key customer groups well. The ...
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Understanding Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer Loyalty
What are customer loyalty programs? A customer loyalty program is a rewards program offered by a company to customers who regularly make purchases. A loyalty program may give a customer free merchandise, rewards, coupons, or advance released products. Most brands today are implementing customer loyalty programs, because adding a customer loyalty program has been shown ...
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How Purple is Marketing to the Military to Drive Customer Acquisition

A soldier in the field at twilight is part of a customer acquisition ad promoting Purple's 10% discount for the military.
Sleep is the new commodity, and it’s booming. According to Digiday, the online mattress category has swelled to 150 players, and the global mattress market is expected to reach $43 billion by 2024. In a space this saturated, the pressure is on for both incumbent brands and new entrants to rise above the noise. For ...
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How Retailers Can Stand Out in a Noisy Marketplace

A shopping mall filled with people. Retailers greatest customer acquisition challenge is standing out from their competitors.
It’s no secret that digital marketers, especially those in retail, are constantly grappling with how to acquire new customers. They know that programs that lead to success one quarter can fail to deliver results in the next one. But what exactly are the challenges? And is there any hope that retail marketers can meet them? ...
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Grubhub’s Exclusive Student Offer Fuels Repeat Business

An image of Grubhub's gated student offer giving college students $12 off their first delivery order of $15. Gated offers use initial discounts to drive long-term customer loyalty.
When it comes to food delivery services, students are the ideal segment. They’re up late, they don’t cook a lot, and they’re part of a younger generation accustomed to convenience and instant gratification. Discounts are the right way to capture their attention, but brands that want to keep it need a longer-term customer loyalty strategy. ...
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