Companies Offer Military Discounts to Show Appreciation to the Armed Forces

Posted on May 21, 2013 · 5 min read

SheerID announces partnerships with five companies who are launching military discounts for Memorial Day

Eugene, Ore.– May 21, 2013 –  Using SheerID’s online military verification services, five companies are launching military discounts to celebrate Memorial Day 2013 and bring the focus back to those who have served in the United States Armed Forces. While many Americans look forward to the picnics, parades, and outdoor concerts that typically cap off the long weekend and unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day was originally observed as a day of remembrance for our fallen soldiers. It wraps up Military Appreciation Month, a time to express gratitude to active duty personnel, military spouses, and veterans for their service and sacrifice. The following five businesses are celebrating Memorial Day this year by sharing why it is important to them to honor our troops by offering an everyday, year-round military discount.

  •  “I feel it’s important to give a unique discount to military personnel as they give so much of themselves to protect our way of life.” Galit Strugano, President of Girlactik

    Girlactik offers a 30% discount on their beauty products for active and reserve military.

  • “It’s not really possible to put a price on the value of military service, but one way tries to show appreciation for those who serve is to make it a little more affordable for members of the military family to enjoy outdoor recreation,” Adam Campbell, U.S. Army veteran and webmaster provides a 15% discount to military ID holders on all items purchased online.

  • “Supporting our military is not a sales gimmick to us. Many of our own employees have served in the past, and we feel it is important to continue to do what we can to help. One of the great features of our laundry detergent is that is does not contain optical brighteners. Not only are optical brighteners potentially harmful chemicals, but the residue they leave makes clothes more visible in the dark – not a great thing if you are in your ACUs, MARPATs or other combat or camouflage uniforms. It is recommended to use an optical brightener-free soap on uniforms and Rockin’ Green is a great option.” Kim Webb, CEO of Rockin’ Green Soap

    Rockin’ Green offers a 15% discount for the military at any time, on any items at their website.

  • “Oregon Freeze Dry has produced quality meals for the Military since 1966. We continue to support our active and retired military who have served our country, with a discount on our Mountain House meals.  Whether it’s being used while in service, or on their time off with family, we’d like to share that time with them by offering a discount on our Mountain House meals.” John Ostrin, Govt. Sales Manager at Oregon Freeze Dry

    Oregon Freeze Dry offers a 10% discount for active duty, veterans, military spouses and immediate family on Mountain House products.

  • “Offering a discount to military is our small way to say thanks to those that have, or are currently serving our country. We feel Bunion Bootie has much to offer in the way of comfortable foot care to those with bunions who have made, or are making, a living, standing or walking for long periods of time in less than ideal conditions. For those suffering from bunions this can be very painful, and constantly reapplying moleskin to protect the bunion area is cumbersome, and surgery or wearing non flexible bunion splints are simply not options.” Bunion Bootie spokesperson

    Bunion Bootie offers 10% off the total order forVeterans, Service Members, Retirees, Military Spouses and their Immediate Family Members.

 By using SheerID’s verification software, these companies ensure that only qualified military personnel can redeem their exclusive military offers and discounts. “I’m proud to partner with these five companies, and with dozens of other SheerID customers, to protect exclusive military discounts from scammers who want to reap the rewards of service without the risks and sacrifices that our Armed Forces face every day,” states Jake Weatherly, CEO of SheerID. “It’s been exciting to see the growing interest in offering exclusive military offers from an increasing number of companies across a wide variety of industries.”

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SheerID is the creator of the technology used to transform existing, protected private data into a service that benefits commercial enterprises and the public, while still keeping the information safe and secure. By acting as a bridge between secure databases, SheerID allows commercial enterprises to accurately, instantly verify whether or not their customer qualifies for a special discount like student, active duty military, veteran, or teacher discounts- protecting the discount and eliminating fraud. SheerID’s verification plug-in can be configured for any e-commerce website, internal customer sales system, mobile application, or POS.

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