Deals, Not Debt

Posted on Jan 7, 2013 · 2 min read

Enjoy the first guest blog post of the year, by Ms. Dallas Abraham. Thank you Dallas for giving us the perspective of a current college student.

green unicornI am a unicorn of the student world: rare and wonderful. I will graduate from college soon with no student debt. None. Not a single dollar owed.

It has not been easy navigate this path. I have scrounged for scholarships, served in the military, and hoarded every penny that I use for tuition. I’ve saved on vacations by beaming a bright light on myself while playing a free MP3 of ocean sounds. Graduating with no debt has been my mission, and I’m almost there.

As a debt-free unicorn, I have learned a thing or two about finding deals –information that every student in every financial situation could learn from me. What is this great wisdom that has helped me stay debt free? The frequent use of the Epic Student Discount.

The purchasing decisions of a demographic that cannot work a full-time job is predictable. We need to find the product that will do what we need and cost the least. There are so many choices in software todya. Knowing who has the best student discount often becomes the deciding factor. Some of the most expensive software purchases I’ve made were based on the lower cost of upgrading the software even if you purchased it with a student rate. This means that I will never have to pay the full freight price since I will always be upgrading my student version. Pricing options like that make it impossible to not spring for the purchase.

If you’re interested in offering a student discount to reach this valuable market and cultivate brand loyalty among college students, we can help.

Angela Modzelewski by Angela Modzelewski