Favorite Super Bowl Ads – 2014

Posted on Feb 4, 2014 · 4 min read

So, if it’s not already obvious through my other posts,Seattle Seahawks Spirit of 12 logo I love football! As a University of Oregon Duck fan I was taught this principle at a very young age: the beavers are bad, but the huskies are much, much worse! Although I still root against University of Washington, I love Seattle and visit the city often. While visiting, I have gone to many of the professional sporting events and have developed a love for the Mariners, Sounders and of course the Seahawks! Like most “northwesterners” I was proud to be a “12th Man” and loved cheering them on all the way to the Super Bowl! Since the Seahawks basically dominated the entire game, there’s not a lot to say about the game itself – so let’s review the ads instead!

Here’s a list of my favorite commercials from Super Bowl XLVIII.

Budweiser – #Salute a Hero

As Americans we are proud of our country and especially of the people who dedicate their lives to protect it. Since we work with members of the military here at SheerID, this commercial hit home for us. Not only did Budweiser do a great job showing the story of Lt. Chuck returning home, I thought it was also amazing that they also sent him to the Super Bowl. This commercial definitely made viewers think about our freedom and the privilege we have to watch the Super Bowl – and maybe even drink a Budweiser while doing so!

T-Mobile – #NoContract

There’s no better way to be convinced that not being under a contract is the best, than hearing it from Tim Tebow. In this hilarious commercial, the former New York Jets and Denver Broncos quarterback makes fun of himself for not currently having an NFL contract. Watch the commercial to see what Tim Tebow has been up to this year besides playing football.

Microsoft – #Empower

So was anyone else besides me wondering if Paul Allen + the Seahawks + Super Bowl = amazing commercial? Well, Microsoft definitely did not disappoint! Their commercial displays the amazing capabilities that are provided to us through technology – capabilities I wasn’t even aware of! As a tech company, we are thankful for all the technology that has helped to better all of our lives and made it possible for us to run our business!

Doritos – #Doritos

Each year Doritos holds a contest for film makers to submit commercials that could be aired during the Super Bowl. This year’s winner, the Time Machine, was creative and definitely made me laugh – who doesn’t like witty kids and dogs? Doritos commercials have always been one of my favorite commercials and continued to be after this year.

Honda – #Hugfest  

When this commercial first started all I could think about was “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Bruce Willis be so serious,” but I was hooked and kept watching. I will even admit that one of my family members listened to Bruce Willis’ request to hug everyone in the room and went around and hugged everyone in the time the commercial gave to do so – anyone else have this happen? Honda’s commercial pushes the importance of family, car safety and of course shows how safe Hondas are. I wonder how many moms will buy a Honda after seeing this commercial…

Overall I’d have to say it was another solid year of Super Bowl Ads! Lots of creativity, nostalgia, humor and hashtags! While these were just 5 of my favorites, there’s definitely many more than caught my attention. What super bowl ads were your favorite? Let me know what you thought!

Madeline Boehmer by Madeline Boehmer