The view of an airport from the tarmac. Travel brands that provide the military with exclusive offers boost customer acquisition.

Globus and SheerID Offer 5 Tips on Using Targeted Offers for Customer Acquisition

Posted on May 13, 2019 · 3 min read

It’s hard for a brand to stand out when everyone is flooding the same channels with the same kinds of promotions. And the competition is fiercest in the travel industry: 93% of travel marketers said they regularly use universal discounts to promote their offerings.  

Jeff Russell, Globus’s Director of Marketing, and Bill Schneider, SheerID’s VP of Product Marketing, have a solution: gated, exclusive offers.

In the Skift webinar How Travel Brands Can Target Offers Like Retail Giants , the two senior leaders discussed how hospitality brands can use this emerging and wildly successful promotion to increase new customer acquisition. Here are the highlights:

01 Drive Engagement with Exclusivity

Globus launched a gated offer program that gave an exclusive discount to the military as a way to give the company’s universal promotions more legs, and the response was exceptional. The program outperformed Globus’ other flash sales 20%, while taking 75% less effort to implement.

Globus’ gated military offers also enabled the company to connect with military audience more deeply by highlighting trips that were of great interest to this segment, such as tours to historic military sites like Normandy Beach and American Civil War Battlegrounds.

The exclusivity of a gated offer makes it a powerful customer acquisition strategy. Promotions that are personalized based on a consumer’s affiliation or life stage tap into the natural desire to be recognized. According to our recent consumer survey , two-thirds (68%) of American shoppers say gated offers are more important than traditional coupons that are available to everyone.

More than 2 in 3 shoppers say gated offers are more important than traditional coupons available to everyone.

02 Embed Your Deal into Your Brand Experience

Personalized promotions are not quite a “Field of Dreams” marketing strategy—you can build it, but if you don’t promote the deal then no one will come.

Retail brands like Lowe’s offer military members deals and goodies throughout the buyers’ journey. Moreover, brands use gated offers to capture valuable customer attribute data, such as “military member,” so they can re-engage buyers with other promotions in the future. They also make sure to consistently promote special deals in their  social, paid, and broadcast channels.

03 Schedule Your New Promos Around Specific Holidays

Building special buying events into your customer acquisition strategy is a great way to use a gated offer program. For example, Globus would create a limited-time gated offer for Veterans Day or Spring Break that could be stacked with other offers. Not sure what holidays you can piggyback on? Here’s a comprehensive holiday calendar   you can use.

04 Activate the WOM

This may sound like some sort of ray gun from Independence Day, but alas: “WOM” just means “Word of Mouth.” Gated offers are easily shareable on social media, making it easy to receive free marketing from close-knit communities.

Teachers and the military are two great examples: 84% of both groups said they would share a gated offer with their peers. When promoting your offer, use these specific hashtags for teachers and the military the military to help you get in front of your audience more easily.

05 Honor Your Customers’ Identity

If there were a golden rule of personalized promotions, this would be it: identity first, discount second. Basically, the discount should not be the focus of the campaign, but rather a cherry on top. The way you earn military members’ and teachers’ interest is by recognizing them for their service to the community.

A smiling soldier petting his dog. Customer Acquisition based on a person's identity appeal to teachers and the military.

Interested in Using Gated Offers to Rise Above the Noise?

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