Grocery stores offering military discounts during the government shutdown

Posted on Oct 9, 2013 · 3 min read

It’s currently day 9 of the government shutdown and there are many areas of people’s daily lives that are being affected. Most of us have heard about the major things like 700,000 government employees being put on unpaid leave, military employees not being paid and national parks and zoos being shut down – but have you heard about the closure of commissary stores as well?

Military members all around the country rely on the discounts from commissary stores to feed their families every day. But due to the current shutdown, commissary stores closed their doors last Tuesday as well. With about 12 million people eligible to shop at the 246 locations, one can only imagine the negative effects this closure is causing for families who are already not receiving their normal paychecks.

In order to help keep some of these families financially afloat during this time, many grocery stores are doing a great job of supporting our military families by providing them with a discount while the commissaries remain closed.

After a bit of research, here are a few stores I found that will be giving out military discounts during this time.

1. ACME – From October 6th-10th ACME will be offering a 10% discount to those presenting a military id

2. Sam’s Club – Until the end of the government shutdown military families with a valid military id will be given a free membership and access to the members-only warehouse store

3. Albertsons – Although Albertsons support for military families ended yesterday, Southern California stores did offer 10% off with a valid military id

4. United Supermarkets – Until further notice, all United Supermarket and Market Street brands in the Abilene, Burkburnett and Wichita Falls areas will be offering 10% off with a valid military id

5. The Grocery Game – (This membership only website offers shoppers access to price comparisons and unadvertised sales.) In order to help during this time, The Grocery Game will be offering discounts to military and federal workers through a free 4-week trial and savings once normal membership fees apply.

With many grocery stores offering military discounts, I have even heard a rumor that Costco will be offering a free membership to military employees during this time. While we can neither confirm nor deny if this is true, it may be worth it to go check it out! We can tell you that Costco does offer military $50 in savings all year round and uses SheerID to verify!

While all these stores are commendable for helping to support the military and federal workers during this time, it may be a great opportunity to start offering military discounts in the future as well! It is not always easy to avoid people taking advantage of military discounts. Here at SheerID, we offer a solution to help make sure your company is giving discounts only to customers that qualify. We provide a verification platform that can be used online or at POS. Not only will this eliminate the need for hidden landing pages but also single-use coupon codes and in-store check of military ids.

Would you offer a military discount in your store if the process were simple and hassle-free? Let SheerID help.


Madeline Boehmer by Madeline Boehmer