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Instagram’s 21 Veterans Who Inspire Us

Posted on Nov 11, 2015 · 2 min read

If you ever look at the search page on Instagram, you know that you will see some pretty cool pictures from people you may not follow and get a look at what topics are trending. Today when I looked at Instagram, one of the top stories was too cool not to share. In honor of Veterans Day, Instagram has created a list of Paralympians, actors, motivational speakers, and comedians, who together make up the list of 21 Veterans Who Inspire Us.

Here’s a list of the accounts:

CS Muncy Photography – @csmuncy

Sebastian – @havoc_sebastian

Noah Galloway [email protected]noahgallowayathelete

Cody – @ampd_up15

Wes Moore – @iamwesmoore

Daniel – @dcwriley

J.R. Martinez – @iamjrmartinez

Miguel Castellanos – @ironman_1108

Derek Weida – @derekweida

C.J. Chivers – @cjchivers

Jared Bullock – @red1882

Scotty Bob – @scottyybob

Bobby Henline – @bobby_henline

Matthew Bragg – @aguywithacamera

Melissa Stockwell – @mstockwell01

No leg, no problem. Especially when you have this view. @trekbikes @usparalympics #paratri #swimbikerun #USA

A video posted by Melissa Stockwell (@mstockwell01) on Oct 7, 2015 at 7:26pm PDT

Jacqueline Carrizosa – @brojaq

Bryan Marshall – @bambam0069

Andrew Arthur Breese – @andrewbreese

Daniel Gorman – @dannyshenanigans

Nick Koulchar – @the_raging_panda

Paul (PJ) Reickhoff – @paulrieckhoff


The pictures they post are truly inspiring, so if you have a minute take a look at what they have shared.

Photo credit: Flickr User KurtClark


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