Marketing to Students

Posted on Oct 16, 2013 · 3 min read

Growing up in the millennial generation, I was introduced to technology the day I was born. Like most my age, I can’t begin to imagine life without computers, television, cell phones and DVR (I know, it’s seriously pathetic!) I love the constant access to communication, the plethora of shows available to watch and my favorite – the ability to avoid ads and spam with just the click of a button. But as a recent graduate in business marketing I am now beginning to realize how hard it is for companies to reach students just through analyzing my own responses to ads and marketing campaigns. With such a struggle to reach students, why keep trying?

One company that I believe does an excellent job of marketing to students is Apple. Starting at age 5, I was introduced to the many uses of a computer at school and not just any computer – a Macintosh. Until my senior year in high school only Mac computers were used in my schools. Naturally, I wanted an Apple computer for college and was completely sold when I learned Apple provided a student discount on their products. Since then, I have purchased about every Apple product out there and will continue to do so in the future.

I believe Apple’s marketing campaign to students is successful because they have subtly advertised to most students their entire lives, proving over and over again that they are trustworthy.They also provide students with discounts that are actually worth using and readily available to use both online and in-stores.

While many other companies do not have the same student marketing techniques that Apple has, they still do not take advantage of other opportunities in student marketing. As I said before, I hated being marketed to as a student – mainly because it was overwhelming and annoying. So here’s my advice on marketing to students:

1. Students want easy access

Students are constantly busy, they don’t have time to dig for discounts. Advertising the discounts clearly on your website, twitter and facebook is great, but going directly to their schools will be what ultimately gets their attention.

2. Students want to trust the company

Students want to buy products that they know are good quality and will last (but of course at a lower cost.) Make sure you show students the benefits your product and company have to offer them!

3. Students want discounts

Most students are on a tight budget, they want the best deal possible! Offering student discounts both online and in-person will make students more interested in your product and trust me, they will spread the word to their friends!

Marketing to students in the right way could create a lifetime of brand loyalty. If your company is interested in offering student discounts, check out how SheerID can help you verify today!

Madeline Boehmer by Madeline Boehmer