We moved!

Posted on Jan 15, 2014 · 2 min read

SheerID moving boxesChange: to make something different or to make a shift from one thing to the next

Many people, including myself, are not a fan of change. We like to stay within our comfort zone and near the things we know. While change may not always be the easiest, sometimes it’s for the better! Here at SheerID, we have had a lot of changes since we opened our doors  – moving into our original office, new staff members hired on and starting relationships with new clients, but over the weekend marked another new change for the SheerID team – we moved again!

With our Eugene staff, we had officially outgrown our cute little office downtown. Almost everyone was sharing an office space and there wasn’t room for any of our employees from out of town – we were in desperate need of change! It was sad to leave the old office behind but I think it’s safe to say everyone loves the new offices and is much happier to have a bigger space! (It’s especially exciting for me because I now have my own desk to work from – I had been working from the conference table at the old office.) While there are still boxes to be unpacked and we are all trying to gather our things, we are all adjusting well.
Marci Hansen’s new office
Right off the bat there are a few big changes that I have noticed about this office. It’s much quieter than our old offices. No noise from the construction that was across the street or the sound of people yelling outside or even the pigeons and crows that gathered in the old office parking lot. Also, we have heat! Our old offices were freezing – it’s nice to be working without being bundled in coats and blankets!

Moving offices was a big change for the SheerID team, but it was a good change. As we continue in to 2014 we hope there are more good changes to come!

Madeline Boehmer by Madeline Boehmer