Musical Monday – Mat Kearney

Posted on Mar 5, 2012 · 2 min read

Music is very important to everyone here at the SheerID offices. If you were to wander through our offices, you would find most people jacked into their musical device of choice. From Bob Schneider to Rufus Wainwright to The Grateful Dead, you’ll hear it all at one point or another.

We’re super lucky to be within walking distance of two of the main concert venues in downtown Eugene from our offices. The WOW Hall and The McDonald Theatre. Last week, Josh Harrison made it out to the Mat Kearney concert. We’ve asked him to share his experience on this, our first Musical Monday post!
– CP

Mat Kearney in concert at the McDonald Theatre in Eugene, Oregon

It’s always a little bit of a different feel when you get to see a musician come back to play in their home town. I’ve now been able to catch Mat Kearney in concert a few times – twice in Eugene, including his most recent show at our local jewel, The McDonald Theatre. Kearney hails from Eugene but with his success you’re lucky to catch him once or twice a year for a show anywhere in the country. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no personal friend to Kearney, but there is a strange sense of pride and community when someone reaches a certain height and represents your neck of the woods. It’s also pretty cool that some of his lyrics reference Eugene.

I was introduced to Kearney’s music a few years ago and have been pushing it onto my friends and family ever since. And it seems as if others have been doing the same. From what I could tell, the show sold out pretty quickly as I was unable to track down extra tickets for some friends and during the concert it was a fight to the front row. Not exactly like pushing through at a Springsteen concert, but for Eugene it was pretty good.

A fun twist on the night was during intermission when I met the designer of the first SheerID website. I ran into Jenny and struck up a conversation and to both of our surprise, we learned about our SheerID connection.  Goes to show that the large world of SheerID can actually be pretty small, and some of us have great taste in music.

Angela Modzelewski by Angela Modzelewski