PDX Executive Forums Interviews SheerID CEO Jake Weatherly

PDX Executive Forums recently interviewed SheerID CEO Jake Weatherly on their PDX Executive Podcast to discuss the SheerID business and challenges faced while leading a business during the pandemic. Below are some snippets from the podcast interview along with a link to listen to the entire interview.

“If you roll out a (marketing) program,  loudly and proudly that says, ‘Thank you for your service,’ ‘Thank you for keeping us healthy,’ ‘Thank you for the role that you play in our community as a teacher.’ It’s basically recognizing and honoring those in order to invite. If you do that authentically, it really grows, like the song into an amplifier. Suddenly, you have the entire military community of 35 million people in the US, who’s choosing to shop at your store and spend time on your website, versus the competitor. We’ve seen that (happen) everywhere from wireless service to home improvement to digital music and streaming video to banking.”

– SheerID CEO Jake Weatherly

The podcast interview also explored what leadership lessons Jake shares with new entrepreneurs and how it has been running a business from Portland.

“There are really talented and smart people everywhere. There’s great leadership in Oregon, excellent leadership, like seriously been around the block kind of experience. I think we’re coming together really well as a community, and I think that, that we can continue to do great.”

– SheerID CEO Jake Weatherly

You can listen to the entire podcast interview below.

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