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SheerID Announces Employee Verification for the Enterprise

Posted on Jul 12, 2016 · 2 min read

Employee Discount Programs are a great perk to offer to employees. They can help in the recruiting process, get employees to buy company products and partner products, and they can improve morale around the office.

However, these discount programs are often hard to use, hard to find, and provide an overall poor user experience to employees. As a result, employees don’t use them as much as they could, diminishing potential revenue that comes to both the organization and its partners via these programs.

In a recent survey we conducted of over 500 respondents, we found that only 22% of employees use these channels often, with over 72% noting that they only use it sometimes. 46% of respondents noted that they would take advantage of the channel more if it were easier to use, while 51% said they would be more inclined to use discounts if they were available online and in-store directly with company partners.


Another issue with these programs is the ease of which employees can share discounts with others. Through our survey, we found thatinfographic detailing how employees use corporate discount programs nearly ⅓ of employees have shared their discount with someone who didn’t qualify for it.

In order to help enterprises better meet the needs of their employees, provide an energized revenue stream to partners, and provide protected discounts that only employees are capable of using, SheerID is excited to announce the release of our newest solution: Employee Verification.

With SheerID’s Employee Verification Solution in place, enterprises now have the capability to easily:

  • Limit the number of transactions permitted through internal employee discount programs
  • Support “friends and family” events
  • Document, track, and analyze eligibility metrics
  • Create new employee incentive programs or employee recognition programs
  • Allow employee partner groups to shop directly instead of through portals
  • Reduce fraud associated with in-house solutions

To learn more about the launch of SheerID’s newest solution, Employee Eligibility Verification, see our latest press release, “SheerID Launches Employee Verification Solution for the Enterprise” or contact [email protected] 

Madeline Boehmer by Madeline Boehmer