SheerID CEO Travels to Capitol Hill to Champion Tech Innovators’ Interests

Posted on Mar 19, 2015 · 2 min read

Eugene, OR – March 19, 2015 –Jake Weatherly, CEO of SheerID, is in Washington D.C. with the Association for Competitive Technology (ACT) to continue conversations with  elected officials about patent reform, data security and privacy, and regulatory obstacles to growth .  SheerID is an omnichannel B2B eligibility verification platform utilized by some of the world’s biggest brands, like Foot Locker, PGA TOUR, Costco, and AARP.

In previous years, Weatherly has traveled from Eugene, OR to D.C. to attend theACT Fly-In and meet with legislators like Rep. Peter A. DeFazio to discuss how patent trolls impact small businesses. Subsequently, De Fazio presented the issue to Congress, and last month he joined a bi-partisan group of lawmakers to introduce a bill to eliminate abusive patent litigation.

“With the support of Congress and the Senate, tech companies will be able to continue growing and evolving to meet the needs of U.S. consumers,” explains Weatherly..”When small businesses are protected by smart legislation, they can thrive which is good for consumers, the economy, and innovation.”

About SheerID

SheerID transforms existing, protected private data into an omnichannel service that benefits commercial enterprises and the public, while still keeping the information safe and secure. By acting as a bridge between secure data sources, SheerID allows businesses to accurately, instantly verify whether or not their customer qualifies for a special offer like student, active duty military, veteran, first responder, or teacher offers — protecting the exclusivity of the offer and eliminating fraud. SheerID’s verification services can be configured for any e-commerce website, internal customer sales/support system, mobile application, or POS.


For more information on SheerID’s eligibility verification solutions, call 855-SheerID to speak directly to a representative, email info(at)sheerid(dot)com, or visit


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