A riparian wooded scenery in the Umpqua River Watershed, a part of the McKenzie River Trust.

Silicon Shire for the River

Posted on Oct 30, 2015 · 2 min read

Here in the Silicon Shire, aka Eugene, we are very lucky to be a part of a great community that is home to many amazing businesses, especially in the tech industry, which has helped build and grow Eugene into a hi-tech hot spot. It’s also a great place to live because of the breathtakingly beautiful scenery and landscapes that surround the city.

The employees at SheerID fully take advantage of all that Oregon has to offer by hiking, rock climbing, swimming, and biking, all over the state year round. But in order to do our part to help preserve the land so it can be a great place for tech companies for years to come, SheerID along with IDX Broker, MPulse, AppNexus, and Palo Alto Software have partnered up in a gift-matching challenge, Silicon Shire for the River. For the past 15 days every dollar donated, up to $5,000, will be matched. This money will go towards Mckenzie River Trust’s efforts to conserve and restore lands in the Mckenzie basin of Western Oregon.

Over the past 25 years Mckenzie River Trust has preserved more than 3,400 acres of land in Western Oregon, which ranges from the Cascade Mountains to the Oregon Coast. Their core mission has always been to protect riparian areas on the Mckenzie that were vital to the river’s biological integrity and water quality. Areas they have recently been able to protect thanks to donations are, Chub Slough, Pollock Oaks, and Coyote Oaks Conservation Easement.

Coyote Oaks Conservation Easement, part of the McKenzie River Trust

SheerID is proud to help preserve Oregon lands and is honored to be a part of the gift-matching challenge. Today is the last day of the challenge and there is still currently $740 left to be matched. If you are able, please partner with the Eugene tech companies to help give more resources to the Mckenzie River Trust. Donations can be made at http://mckenzieriver.org/.


Photo credit: Mckenzie River Trust 

Madeline Boehmer by Madeline Boehmer