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Posted on May 4, 2012 · 3 min read

98% of the time, we’d honestly rather talk about you.  We’re here to listen to your secret biz dev hopes and dreams, your innermost feelings about your IT team, and your most excruciating pain points. It gives us the chance to swoop in and play the hero by offering SheerID’s solution, a role we relish.

But today, we feel like bragging a little, so it’s your turn to listen.  Hopefully,  you already know SheerID offers a powerful verification service that allows retailers to offer protected military, student, and teacher discounts ( to name a few) AND that you can use our service to actually manage your coupon codes. “Blah, blah, blah,” you’re thinking. “Tell us something we don’t know.”

Did you know that it is also possible to use SheerID’s platform to raise money for your favorite non-profit organizations (or allow organizations that you’re a part of to negotiate better member benefits for you)? Now that we’ve got your attention, here’s a little eye candy for you.  If you work for a non-profit, you might want to consider printing a few of these out and hand delivering them to your corporate partners. Or contact us, and we’ll send it to them for you. We’re nice like that.

Looks great on paper, right? So here’s how it works in real life. Kelly loves puppies (who doesn’t!?). Kelly is a member of her local humane society where she volunteers once a week. The humane society has a corporate partnership with, not to be confused with who sells goth jewelry online. decides that 10% of the profits from every order placed by humane society members will go to the humane society for the month of May. Kelly hears about the deal through the humane society’s newsletter, logs on to, and buys her dog Rufus a pink, sparkly collar. SheerID verifies that Kelly is a member of the humane society, and sends the verification in a fraction of a second.  The website gets an order from a new customer, the humane society gets a little cash, Kelly gets a new dog collar, and Rufus, well, poor Rufus is the only one who doesn’t come out this deal a winner. Pink sparkles are not his best look.

It keeps getting better (except for Rufus, who sincerely hopes that next time Kelly will accidentally go to and get him a spiky collar instead). Using SheerID’s reporting, the humane society can tell how many customers took advantage of’s offer, and how much money they spent as a group. Using that data, they can hit up again to see if they want to run the same offer in August, or they can approach new corporate partners armed with data that proves their proposition works in everyone’s favor.

Wow! Is there anything SheerID can’t do? Well, we won’t walk your dog for you, and we’re still trying to perfect our recipe for Pad Thai. But other than that…

Angela Modzelewski by Angela Modzelewski