Flip My Funnel: Top 3 Takeaways

Top 3 Takeaways from Flip My Funnel

Posted on Jun 15, 2016 · 3 min read

Last week, our Director of Marketing Operations, Simon Spencer, was a speaker at the Flip My Funnel B2B Marketing and Sales Festival held i
n Austin, TX. Simon and the CMO of Act-On Software, Kevin Bobowski, discussed how to successfully orchestrate a multi-channel ABM program.

The entire Flip My Funnel event was full of interesting insight and knowledge,  so much so that even our own B2B marketing genius, Simon, walked away with some new B2B marketing and sales tips. Here are his top 3 takeaways from the event

1. Account based marketing is here to stay

Predictive analytics and big data have brought a whole new experience to account based marketing for B2B marketers. According to a recent study from SiriusDecisions, 92% of B2B companies called account based marketing “extremely important.” This was echoed by dozens of attendees at the event, and seemed to be one of the main topics of conversation.

2. The launch of Terminus AMB University

Terminus was the primary supporter of the Flip My Funnel event and during the conference, they announced their new feature – ABM University. This tool was created to help marketers learn the skills needed to win with account based marketing from a world-class team of professors and industry thought leaders. Simon had a chance to sit through the keynote where it was presented, and can’t wait to see how it does in the market.

3. The debate over MQL’s or MQA’s

Typically marketing teams track Marketing Qualified Leads, or MQLs,, while sales teams track Marketing Qualified Accounts, or MQAs. Both have pros and cons, but tracking two different metrics can cause a disconnect between departments. In order to align the goals of both sales and marketing teams, businesses need to transition their focus solely to MQA’s.

Throughout the Flip My Funnel conference, there was a ton of chatter on Twitter discussing highlights from the presentations. Here are some of our favorites:

When you share your customer’s voice it can convert to an increase in channels @erikchaz #flipmyfunnel” – Katherine Mobley

Dsign your product for the segment(s) you wish to target. #ProdMgmt Thoughts while hearing @licolnmurphy at #FlipMyFunnel” – John Peltier

The initial sale is important, but is a small portion of customer potential. – @lincolnmurphy #flipmyfunnel” – Rob Zaleski

#FlipMyFunnel: To be successful with account-based marketing, you must have good data #techblogs” – Atlanta Tech Blogs

Growth hacking is a mindset.. a no BS, data-driven approach to capitalize on opportunities that drive business growth #flipmyfunnel #ATX” – Sujan Patel

Overall, a great time was had by all and there was a massive amount to learn about account based marketing. We’re already looking forward to the next Flip My Funnel event!

Madeline Boehmer by Madeline Boehmer