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What’s Stopping You From Delivering a Successful Omnichannel Customer Experience?

Posted on May 2, 2016 · 3 min read

Thanks to the evolution of technology, gone are the days of brick and mortar stores being the only way shop. With the introduction of omnichannel, retailers have the capability to streamline their purchasing process across all channels including in-store, online, over the phone, and on mobile.

A few of the benefits of adopting an omnichannel strategy are:

  • Improved Sales
  • Expanding brand reach
  • Increased productivity
  • New income streams
  • Better data collection

The biggest benefit of  being an omnichannel retailer is that consumers are much more receptive to it. Consumers have come to love the freedom to shop, purchase, and return with ease and convenience over any channel. However, those same customers have recently  made it clear that they want more from the omnichannel experience and retailers are struggling to meet those demands. In fact, only 6% of retail executives surveyed at April’s “World Retail Congress 2016” event, described their omnichannel readiness as “excellent-fully implemented.” Retailers are also struggling to deliver an omnichannel experience to consumers due in large to the absence of quality data insights, according to a survey released by Periscope.

Brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Foot Locker, and Spotify, have all discovered the key to offering more value to their customers through an omnichannel experience – streamlining the process of how they offer targeted discounts. Not only does it make the customer experience consistent throughout every channel, but it also makes for an overall more personalized experience.

Tommy Hilfiger offered an in-store discount to military members but didn’t have a way to honor this same discount online, making for a poor customer experience. In order to create a consistent experience for their military customers, they implemented eligibility verification on Tommy.com. Eligibility verification made it possible for their military customers to verify their status within seconds and have the discount instantly added to their shopping cart. Due to the success of bringing their military discount online, Tommy was also able to establish two new evergreen offers for both college students and teachers.

With eligibility verification in place, Tommy Hilfiger was also able to capture quality data insights about their customers affiliations which include teachers, students, military members, and military family members. This data was vital for Tommy to create personalized and relevant messages for their customers.

“The biggest benefits we’ve seen from SheerID’s verification service are that it allows us to align Tommy.com with our in-store discounting messages and segment our email communication,” said Catherine Weiss, the Associate Manager of Online Marketing at Tommy Hilfiger.

Adding eligibility verification solves two of the biggest problems retailers are having with improving their omnichannel customer experience: creating a consistent process through channels and accessing quality, actionable data to personalize their customers’ experiences. In order to provide customers with a shopping journey they want, retailers need to adapt new and interesting ways to improve their customer experience so they can stay in the game.

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