When is a door, not a door?

Posted on Jan 16, 2012 · 1 min read

When it’s a desk!

colorful salvaged doors from BRINGWe’ve all been busy little entrepreneurs! With business booming, we’re bringing in some key sales and marketing new hires to help the company expand. And since we can’t seem to figure out how to fit 9 people in a single 12 x 8 foot room, we’ve taken new office space in downtown Eugene.

The thing we’re all most excited about has got to be our new desks.

David Seer’s salvaged-door deskMarci, David and Jake went down to BRING, a local non-profit in Glenwood that specializes in recycling building resources, and found some amazing recycled front doors. Picking out some unique ones, they are now all at a woodworking shop in Junction City being turned into desks. The first desk into the office was David’s. Doesn’t it look amazing?

Just eight more to go.

Chelle Parmele by Chelle Parmele