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6 Tips for Choosing the Best Student Verification Solution

Personalized student offers are a powerful way to reach Gen Zers around the world. But for your programs to succeed, you need an effective form of student verification.

In a previous blog, 6 Obstacles to Launching a Worldwide Student Offer, we outlined the challenges that make worldwide student verification difficult. In today’s post, we look at what you need from a student verification solution to overcome those challenges.

01 Verification Based on Authoritative Data

Many companies attempt to verify students based on an .edu email address, but that process is deeply flawed. It’s susceptible to fraud and a surefire way to lose money. 

Student verification based on authoritative data is far more comprehensive and accurate. “Authoritative” refers to a data source that maintains or has access to the “source” system of record. For example, look for a platform that relies on an extensively researched list of degree-granting higher educational institutions.

A student verification solution that uses authoritative data sources ensures that only those students who are still enrolled at a college or university can redeem the offer.  

02 No Language Barriers

Worldwide student verification means supporting localization in every country. English is spoken in many countries, but there are dozens of other languages in which university courses are taught. Effective language support is essential to any global student program. Every step counts—from the user experience through document review.

Also, be sure your student verification solution has the option to add support for other languages. This can extend your reach if you expand your program in the future.

03 Streamlined Document Review for Students Worldwide

Sometimes an instant, authoritative data source isn’t available. In that case, the next best option is document review, also known as doc review. 

An effective student verification solution should:

  • Know what documents are considered valid forms of ID in each country.
  • Support the ability to immediately upload the documents. 
  • Review documents as quickly as possible 24/7: we’re talking minutes or hours, not multiple days or worse yet—weeks!

Combining digital verification with a doc review ensures you can verify This is crucial for a generation of digital natives who expect instant gratification. A seamless verification process is the key to launching a positive brand relationship with them.

04 Global UX Optimization

To help you reduce friction, maximize conversions, and decrease cart abandonment, your student verification process should:

  • Use forms with minimal fields. 
  • Occur on your website in a completely in-brand experience. 
  • Avoid sending customers to a third-party for verification.  
  • Have a responsive web design that fits any screen. 

This standard of mobile-first student verification is a must. Ninety-six percent of Gen Zers in North America own a smartphone, and that number is even higher in other regions in the world

Plus, according to new research by Epsilon, about 75% of Gen Z and millennials use smartphones to shop online. That’s more than any other generation.

05 Built-In Re-Engagement

Cart abandonment is a global issue. Using email to re-engage students who don’t complete the student verification process is necessary, but it’s not sufficient. 

If you’re not using text messages to re-engage students, you may be missing out. A whopping 83% of Gen Z say they “wish more businesses” would use texting.

To truly maximize conversions, use a student verification solution that can collect a user’s SMS number, and then send them a re-engagement SMS message anywhere in the world to drive them back to your site. One brand that re-engaged students with SMS instead of email saw a 50% lift in conversions.

Also, not everyone who tries to redeem your student offer will be eligible for it, but the fact that they tried indicates they have a strong desire to buy from you. Look for a verification platform that enables you to send a consolation offer to customers who don’t qualify for your student offer. This enables you to leverage their interest in your brand and still acquire them as a customer.

06 Enhanced Fraud Prevention

Determined fraudsters will do anything to exploit your offer. This can include falsifying documents, spoofing identities, and more.  

To thwart these behaviors, you need additional layers of protection. Your student verification solution should be able to cross-check the shopper’s identity to make sure it is not linked to a fraudulent identity. You also want a solution that can detect falsified images and credentials.

Finally, look for a platform that lets you fine tune the level of fraud protection relative to any consumer friction it might add so you can best meet the needs of your brand. 

Worldwide Student Verification Brings Loyal Customers

Launching a successful global student discount program requires effective worldwide student verification. Hundreds of the world’s leading brands have used SheerID’s Verification Platform  to verify 85 million students for their exclusive offers.

To see firsthand how SheerID can help you get a verified student offer program up and running in less than a day, contact us to schedule a demo.

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