Phi Theta Kappa college graduate celebrates with other students.
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A message for graduates

May means many things – the full bloom of Spring, Memorial Day, BBQ’s – but for many, it also means that graduation is finally here. Graduation ceremonies and parties are upon us and all the hard work students have put in for years can be acknowledged. No matter what level of graduation, whether from High School, College, or maybe a Masters or Ph.D. program, we’ve become accustomed to bringing a card, a gift, or something to acknowledge this big accomplishment. In fact, the National Retail Federation has predicted that 2017 graduation season spending will reach an all-time high of $5.6 billion.

While graduating from college is a massive accomplishment, there is one drawback…no more student discounts. And unfortunately, companies like Spotify and DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket are now protecting their discounts against alumni using an old college ID to continue getting student discounts. But if you’re degree is in teaching you may be in luck. Companies like T-Mobile, Tommy Hilfiger, Microsoft, and Costco offer generous teacher discounts as a way to say thank you for all that teachers do day in and day out.

But to all the high school graduates – you’re in luck! There are thousands of companies out there wanting to help you make shopping more affordable during your time in school and we recommend you take advantage of it while you can! In the past there were always a few different ways you could redeem a student discount – like telling the cashier that you’re a student, faxing in a document, submitting a .edu email, or showing a dated student ID. One of the other biggest challenges for student discounts is that they couldn’t be redeemed online, only in-stores.


At SheerID our goal has always been to make the process of redeeming student discounts as easy as possible. Dozens of companies use SheerID’s eligibility verification to help offer deep student discounts on their products. Once you are enrolled in your school as a student you, your student status can be instantly verified as a part of the checkout process online, in-stores, or on your phone. If you want to start saving money on clothes, streaming services, software, ticketing, and more! Check out the full list of student discounts here – we’re excited to help you save over the next 2, 4, 5, or maybe even 8 years of school. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Flickr User Cecil College


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