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AT&T Delivers Good News: 3 Months of Free Service for Nurses and Doctors

Healthcare workers are on the front lines of the pandemic, and people all over the world are applauding their heroic efforts. Now leading brands are stepping in to show their support, too. 

AT&T announced on Sunday that it was offering nurses and doctors three free months of wireless service through its FirstNet—a network that provides first responders with valuable features such as remaining first in line for connectivity and receiving priority access to network capacity at all times.

AT&T joins a host of companies who are recognizing the heroic efforts of healthcare professionals. FabFitFun gave a free bundle to nurses and doctors. Allbirds and Keen are among a number of companies giving healthcare workers free shoes.  Headspace is providing free meditation services. And vineyard vines is giving first responders a meaningful 50% off everything

Consumers Want Brands to Support Medical Workers

Providing this kind of personalized offer is exactly what medical workers want. When asked how companies can show they care about people in this challenging time, 59% of first responders and nearly two in three nurses (63%) said they wanted a brand to provide extra benefits or services. And it doesn’t stop there. Consumers of all stripes are asking brands to support health workers and people at high risk. 

And supporting these consumer communities isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s good for business because it creates strong emotional relationships and generates incredible word of mouth.

89 Stat

In a recent survey, 89% of consumers hardest hit by the pandemic said a personalized offer would positively impact their relationship to a brand, and 90% said they would share it with others in their profession.

A Good Deed is Worth Sharing

When brands deliver meaningful support like this, it also generates tremendous goodwill that helps raise brand awareness. 

AT&T’s offer to nurses and doctors was featured on SomeGoodNews—a new show hosted by actor John Krasinski—and the episode garnered nearly 1.5 million views in the first 16 hours. And a range of publications from Variety Magazine to PCMag and TechTimes featured the story as soon as it broke.

Companies that use an identity marketing platform to run these programs don’t have to worry about losing money to discount abuse. Typically an offer like this can receive 30-35% of requests that are fraudulent. Fortunately, digital verification instantly ensures that only those who are eligible for the offers can redeem them. It also demonstrates that the offer is legitimate and worth protecting, which makes it even more valuable in the eyes of its audience.

AT&T said it was proud to work with SheerID to launch the program. Brands that want to follow AT&T’s lead and stand up for medical workers can apply to launch an identity marketing program and receive free verifications for 90 days. 

And marketers who want to learn the best ways to reach nurses can watch the webinar, Stand Up and Stand Out: Learn How Smart Brands Support Nurses.

Watch the Webinar: Stand Up and Stand Out: Learn How Smart Brands Support Nurses.

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