Why ASICS and Other DTC Retailers are Turning to Zero-Party Data

Brands like ASICS are using zero-party data to their advantage.
This piece originally appeared as a Retail Touchpoints post. Google’s announcement earlier this year regarding “Topics” — its more privacy-sensitive solution to FLoC, or Federated Learning of Cohorts — shouldn’t be a surprise for any retailer following trends in digital marketing. The company’s move to become more privacy-compliant falls squarely in line with where everything is going. ...
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8 Tips for Choosing the Right Customer Verification Software

A young woman on the street using customer verification software on her mobile phone to redeem a personalized offer.
Identity marketing is a highly effective form of personalized marketing because it engages consumer communities based on their deep-seated attributes, such as their life stage (students) or occupation (teachers). In a previous post, we explained that using a customer verification software is essential to making this new form of personalization work because it: Increases conversions. ...
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