Top Marketing Strategies for High-Performing Exclusive Offers

Engage your audience with exclusive offers.
Top brands around the world—like SONIC, T-Mobile, and AT&T—have found tremendous success using exclusive offers to engage customers. This technique—known as identity marketing—works because it targets consumer communities whose members are united by deeply personal traits such as their job, lifestage, or affiliation.  By offering groups such as the military, students, or healthcare workers gated ...
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6 Tips for Succeeding with SheerID’s Free Trial

Learn how to get the most out of your free trial with SheerID.
The team over here at SheerID understands that marketers are looking for ways to break into crowded markets and find new customers. Part of my job is to help connect people with our product and I love introducing people to our free trial. Over the past few months, I’ve analyzed thousands of marketers have experienced ...
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8 Tips for Choosing the Right Customer Verification Software

A young woman on the street using customer verification software on her mobile phone to redeem a personalized offer.
Identity marketing is a highly effective form of personalized marketing because it engages consumer communities based on their deep-seated attributes, such as their life stage (students) or occupation (teachers). In a previous post, we explained that using a customer verification software is essential to making this new form of personalization work because it: Increases conversions. ...
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Why SheerID Prioritizes Conversion Tools

Conversion tools are the best way to grow your business.
Looking at marketing software today is overwhelming. There are dozens of products out there for every problem you have, and hundreds more for problems that aren’t even on your radar.  You can evaluate the impact of marketing software through many lenses, such as time saved, increases in impressions, and engagement. And while all of these ...
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