Alteryx Promotes Customer Loyalty with Gated Offers for Students and Teachers

Woman at a laptop using software Alteryx provided free to build student and teacher customer loyalty.
Companies everywhere are searching for data-driven solutions to their business challenges, and many of them are using Alteryx software to find them. The trouble is, the workforce has a shortage of skilled data analysts. Alteryx sees this as an opportunity. The company recognized the need to prepare college students to enter these fast-growing careers, and ...
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How CompTIA Crushed Student Discount Abuse

Happy college students walking down a corridor in a stately campus building.
Student discount abuse is rampant—as high as 35% with some brands. That can be devastating for brands that use student discounts to attract and nurture new customers. CompTIA experienced this damage firsthand when it realized fraudsters were ripping off their student discounts and reselling them. To stop the discount abuse, the organization used digital verification—and reaped ...
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