The Importance of Customer Verification for Personalized Marketing

A man and woman verifying a personalized offer on their cell phones, underscoring the importance of customer verification for brands.
Identity marketing is a rapidly emerging form of personalized marketing that many brands are beginning to use. It involves using personalized offers to engage consumer communities like students or teachers, based on their deep-seated identity attributes; however, most marketers don’t understand the importance of customer verification to make this form of personalization succeed. How Identity ...
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How Digital Verification Makes Marketing to Students Easy for Financial Services

A smiling female college student on a bright campus.
Marketing to students can be a lucrative strategy for financial services organizations. In the US alone, college students have $574 billion in spending power. And capturing their business early can pay off. Research shows that college students have a 10-year customer life cycle.  What college students often don’t have, however, is a FICO score or credit ...
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How CompTIA Crushed Student Discount Abuse

Happy college students walking down a corridor in a stately campus building.
Student discount abuse is rampant—as high as 35% with some brands. That can be devastating for brands that use student discounts to attract and nurture new customers. CompTIA experienced this damage firsthand when it realized fraudsters were ripping off their student discounts and reselling them. To stop the discount abuse, the organization used digital verification—and reaped ...
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How to End Employee Discount Abuse

A woman makes an online purchase using digital verification to confirm she's not committing employee discount abuse.
Employee perks are the bomb. Who doesn’t love getting an exclusive discount on a wireless plan or at a favorite retailer, just for showing up to work? Employee perks improve people’s quality of life and engender company loyalty. Likewise, employee discounts are the kind of “cherry-on-top” benefit that helps employers recruit rockstar talent. In fact, ...
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How Retailers Can Stand Out in a Noisy Marketplace

A shopping mall filled with people. Retailers greatest customer acquisition challenge is standing out from their competitors.
It’s no secret that digital marketers, especially those in retail, are constantly grappling with how to acquire new customers. They know that programs that lead to success one quarter can fail to deliver results in the next one. But what exactly are the challenges? And is there any hope that retail marketers can meet them? ...
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Marketing to Gen Z as Easy as 1–2–3

A young person surfing the web for gated, exclusive offers.
Exclusive, gated promotions are one of the best ways to market to Gen Z. These offers feel personal and cost-friendly, two things that Gen Z prefers. However, Gen Zers have to verify their eligibility in order to receive their personalized offer. This can give them pause, and sometimes ruin the transaction completely. According to our 2018 Shopper ...
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