Clear Out Excess Inventory With Strategic Promotions

Clear out excess inventory without negatively impacting profit margins.
The original version of this piece appeared as a Chain Store Age post. When retailers find themselves stuck with excess inventory after a holiday, the go-to solution is widespread, dramatic markdowns. But this technique can quickly eat into profit margins, and customers may even be hesitant to buy from the brand full-price.  To solve this ...
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6 Tips for Succeeding with SheerID’s Free Trial

Learn how to get the most out of your free trial with SheerID.
The team over here at SheerID understands that marketers are looking for ways to break into crowded markets and find new customers. Part of my job is to help connect people with our product and I love introducing people to our free trial. Over the past few months, I’ve analyzed thousands of marketers have experienced ...
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Using Different Types of Discounts

types of discounts
Everyone loves saving money, so discounts make sense as a way to attract customers. But many companies worry that discounting will negatively affect their bottom line or reduce the perceived value of their products. These are valid concerns but ones that can easily be remedied with the right pricing strategy for discounts. There are also ...
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How to Run a Successful Identity Marketing Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes campaigns are a great way for marketers to generate leads. According to an analysis by Wishpond, contest email CTRs are 5.5% higher than other emails, and contest landing page conversions are 7.3% higher than typical landing pages. When your sweepstakes is also an identity marketing campaign, you can see even greater success. Why You ...
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New Harris Survey: Teachers’ Plight and How Brands Can Help

When Covid-19  hit, it disrupted families and schools across the United States. Parents were overwhelmed, teachers were displaced, and children had to start learning from home. A year and a half later the pandemic continues to take an unthinkable toll on our communities, creating social, emotional, and academic burdens - especially for students and teachers. ...
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Five Tips From 44 CMOs On Building Trust With Zero-Party Data

Marketers have long relied on third-party data to target and acquire customers, personalize messages, and drive growth. However, those days are numbered. Increased digital privacy concerns are driving investments in new data sources, customer content, and community-building programs.  Data collection and the understanding of customer identity is changing. Marketers are discovering that first-party and zero-party ...
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7 Pitfalls of Marketplace-Based Verification and How to Avoid Them

A female marketer in front of her laptop, frustrated by the limitations of affiliate-based verification.
Affiliate-based marketing is popular, and it’s easy to see why. In exchange for a commission, affiliates promote brand offers. It’s a win-win, right? The answer is “It depends.”  When it comes to delivering personalized offers to consumer communities such as students, teachers, healthcare workers, or the military, the affiliate-centric marketplace verification model can be a ...
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How Retailers Can Stand Out in a Noisy Marketplace

A shopping mall filled with people. Retailers greatest customer acquisition challenge is standing out from their competitors.
It’s no secret that digital marketers, especially those in retail, are constantly grappling with how to acquire new customers. They know that programs that lead to success one quarter can fail to deliver results in the next one. But what exactly are the challenges? And is there any hope that retail marketers can meet them? ...
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