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Cookies are Crumbling: How Will You Respond? – Infographic

Third-party cookies are on their way out, and this data deprecation has left many brands wondering how to effectively gather consumer information. With laws like the GDPR and CCPA pushing brands to opt for privacy-friendly forms of data collection, marketers need to identify alternative ways of obtaining consumer data they can trust.

The solution? Collecting data directly from consumers. 

This is zero-party data. Because zero-party data is self-attested, it is both privacy-friendly and high-quality. Many brands are unsure how to make the most of zero-party data, but, when used correctly, this data can lead to impressive increases in acquisition and long-term loyalty. 

Explore our Cookies are Crumbling infographic below to understand why marketers are shifting from third-party cookies to zero-party data. And to learn how SheerID can help you leverage the power of zero-party data, watch this video.

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