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How SheerID and Salesforce Commerce Cloud Makes B2C Customer Acquisition Easy

Retailers looking to increase B2C customer acquisition have something new to cheer about: SheerID is now member of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Partner Marketplace.  

This means retailers who use Salesforce Commerce Cloud can now more easily use SheerID’s Digital Verification Platform to incorporate gated, exclusive offers into their marketing and sales efforts. SheerID’s integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud makes it simpler and faster to use gated offers to acquire new, loyal customers.

Accelerating B2C Customer Acquisition with Gated Offers

B2C customer acquisition costs have skyrocketed, driving marketers to search for better ways to engage key consumer segments. Gated offers are leading the next wave of digital promotions, and they’re here to stay because they’re built on a strong, customer-centric foundation.

Gated offers enable retailers to use exclusive promotions to engage high-value segments based on attributes like their life stage or affiliation, such as seniors, students, teachers, or the military.

Unlike universal discounts, which take a shotgun approach to reach buyers, gated offers are a form of personalized marketing that’s rooted in a customer’s identity and evokes a deep sense of their belonging to a community.

Using SheerID to implement a gated offer ensures that only members of the group can redeem it. This protects the offer from fraud and makes it truly exclusive, which increases its appeal—and effectiveness—as a tool for B2C customer acquisition.

SheerID + Salesforce Commerce Cloud = Faster Success

SheerID’s integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud creates a powerful opportunity for marketers. Fifty-two million shoppers use the Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud platform. Commerce Cloud retailers use an average of five LINK technology products and integrate those products 80% faster.

SheerID is the only customer verification solution in the Commerce Cloud Marketplace, and the fastest, most secure way within the Salesforce environment to build a gated offer program. The SheerID LINK Technology cartridge eliminates upfront development time and automates the verification process for exclusive offers.

This integration makes it easier than ever to use gated offers for B2C customer acquisition: retailers can typically start acquiring new customers in a matter of days. And when those customers receive an exclusive offer that honors who they are, it makes them more loyal to the brand.

Commerce Cloud retailers integrate LINK technology products 80% faster.

4 Steps to Launching a Gated Offer Program with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Retailers using Salesforce Commerce Cloud can use gated offers to boost B2C customer acquisition in four simple steps:

  1. Set up a SheerID gated offer program.
  2. Embed SheerID into your Salesforce Commerce Cloud site.
  3. Define a promotion for your gated offer program.
  4. Launch your program and optimize its success.

For more details on how easy it is to complete this process, see SheerID Digital Verification Platform + Salesforce.

Retailers Use Gated Offers Because Customers Love Them

Top brands like Urban Outfitters, Converse, Zappos, and UNTUCKit are boosting B2C customer acquisition and loyalty with gated offers. In fact, more than one-third of the top 50 retail brands use gated offers, including Costco, Lowe’s, Alibaba, Target, and more. Why? Because gated offers:

  • Drive conversions: 94% of consumers would take advantage of one.
  • Leverage social marketing: 91% would share one.
  • Beat universal discounts: 68% said they carry more weight than traditional discounts.

The results speak for themselves. Brands that implement gated offers with SheerID see:

  • 3x conversions
  • 2x repeat purchases
  • ROAS as high as 20:1
Ninety-four percent of consumers said they would take advantage of a gated offer.

Learn How Gated Offers Can Increase B2C Customer Acquisition and Loyalty

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