A worried nursing looking a clip while she sits in a hallway with other nurses and doctors.

How You Can Stand Up for Medical Workers with Personalized Offers

The coronavirus has slammed us. Infections are rising, wealth is disappearing, and people are losing their jobs.

Everyone is reeling, but medical workers have been hit the hardest. They’re struggling with the same losses we are, while trying to care for the sick, develop a vaccine, and find a cure. We owe them our support, and SheerID wants to help you deliver it.

You Supply the Personalized Offer. We Verify it for Free.

Today SheerID launched Stand Up for Medical Workers—a campaign to help brands deliver free personalized offers to healthcare professionals. The process is simple. You create an offer that gives a free product or service to doctors, nurses, or first responders. SheerID will support you by digitally verifying their eligibility to receive it at no cost to you.  

This kind of identity marketing campaign is easy to implement, and digital verification protects your margins by ensuring that only doctors, nurses, and first responders will receive your gift. Digital verification also demonstrates your commitment to these groups by underscoring that the offer you’re giving them is truly exclusive. 

SheerID will provide free verifications for 50 companies.  You can learn more and apply to participate here.

Why You Should Reach Out to Medical Workers


Nurses deliver more than 90% of the healthcare in the world, and more than one in four reported being overworked. And that was before the coronavirus. 

Now they’re treating patients in hallways and facing a dangerous shortage of protective equipment. The US alone has nearly 4 million nurses, and when they’re not working overtime to care for their patients, they’re comforting the family members whose loved ones have died.

Follow the Lead of These Brands

HSN is thanking nurses for their hard work by giving them 15% off a single item. FabFitFun is giving nurses free FabFitFun bundles. And Headspace is helping nurses manage their stress by giving them free access to its meditation app

As Megan Jones Bell, the company’s chief science officer said, “With stress and pressure mounting amid the COVID-19 crisis, it’s crucial we find ways to support the nursing community’s mental health and provide them with tools to manage the incredible toll this crisis can take on them.


The US has more than 1 million doctors who are just as heroic as nurses. They’re working around the clock in hospitals that are overflowing. And they’re risking their lives and the lives of their loved ones to provide the critical care their patients need. 

Follow the Lead of These Brands

Purple, Huel, and Icebreaker are just three of the leading companies implementing personalized offers to express their gratitude to doctors.  

First Responders

More than 2 million police, firefighters, paramedics, and EMTs risk their lives everyday to protect us. Now COVID-19 is pushing them to the limits. In New York City, first responders are working multiple shifts and sleeping in their cars to avoid infecting their families. And nearly 5,200 police officers are out sick, and four have already died from the coronavirus.

Follow the Lead of These Brands

Many companies are showing up for first responders. TIDAL is offering them 40% off its subscription plans. AT&T and vineyard vines are giving them exclusive discounts. And Tuft & Needle is saying thank you to first responders by giving them 15% off its mattresses. 

“We’re rewarding first responders with a discount because they deserve it,” said Melanie LaDue, Tuft & Needle’s Gives Back lead. “And because we believe doing what’s right is good business practice.”

Whatever industry you work in, you can create a personalized offer that will show medical professionals you’re on their side. Because it’s not the gift itself that’s important, it’s the gratitude and support it represents.

Rising to the Occasion

These are trying times, but like all crises, this pandemic can bring out the best in us and the companies we work for. As SheerID’s CEO, Jake Weatherly said, we do that by focusing on what matters.

“We support the people we love by showing them we care,” he said. “We support our customers the same way—by providing them with value when they need it most.”

Stand Up for Medical Workers: Apply to Receive Free Verifications Now

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