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Jurassic World’s Sponsorship Campaign

You may have heard there’s a new movie out called “Jurassic World.” During its opening weekend earlier this month, it grossed the most in movie history in both the United States and overseas with $208.8 million and $315.6 million. These numbers beat popular movies like Marvel: The Avengers and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2. They also absolutely crushed the $125 million that critics estimated it would make.

Typically the only advertising we see for movies are previews in the theater and commercials on TV, so movies can be easily overlooked if you don’t see the ad. Universal wanted to make sure that everyone knew that Jurassic World was coming out so they spent a cool $30 million to make sure this happened.

After hearing how much Universal spent I started paying more attention to the advertisements and promotions. Right away I noticed how many commercials there were. Over 5,304 teasers were aired since November! But the other thing I noticed was that Jurassic World has sponsorships everywhere. Over just a few days, I saw promotions for Jurassic World through putting their logo on other products. Here’s a few examples:

Dairy Queen’s Jurassic Smash Blizzard – These commercials were on almost every time I watched TV and naturally I had to try this for the sake of research – it was delicious!

Margarita Ville – In a recent email they announced their restaurant would be featured in the movie and that they now have Jurassic themed menu and merchandise.

Jurassic World Escape to Jimmy Buffet’s Margueritaville sponsorship campaign

LEGO – To get kids involved with the movie, even LEGO had a commercial for the new Jurassic World game.

Just based off these three ads alone, you can see that Universal got Jurassic World’s logo linked with some pretty big companies that reach millions of people with their ads both on TV and with their products when you physically go into their stores. It’s really not surprising that Jurassic World did so well, solely based on this advertising and sponsorship campaigns and they have helped prove why this is such an important aspect of branding.

Here at SheerID, we are working with a sponsorship project of our own with our client Birdies for the Brave and their sponsor, Quicken Loans. If you would like to read more about what they are working on, click here.

Overall, take it from Jurassic World that using sponsorships and advertising is the best way to reach new markets, help spread the word about your product and help to expand your brand.

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