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National Teacher Appreciation Month

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If you are interested in fascinating stats on teachers, read on…

In the United States, National Teacher Appreciation Month takes place for the entire month of May each year, but the majority of the festivities center around the first week of May, which has officially been dubbed Teacher Appreciation Week. The Tuesday that falls during Teacher Appreciation Week is, you guessed it, Teacher Appreciation Day, and is also a popular time to give teachers thanks.

Why do teachers deserve a whole month of devotion and gratitude? We’re glad you asked. Here are a few little-known facts about teachers

  • 91% of teachers buy supplies for their own classrooms using their own money. All those crayons, pencils, and paper add up to $1.5 billion spent annually by teachers on school supplies.
  • 67% of teachers buy snacks for their students to help with basic nutrition
  • 29% of teachers buy bathroom products for students like toilet paper and toothbrushes

Teaching isn’t just a job, it’s a vocation. Teachers spend countless hours and money from their own pockets to prepare our children for the future. At the very least they deserve a thank you once a year. One of the best ways that business owners can show their appreciation for the hard work teachers do is to offer teachers an exclusive discount or special offer like free shipping or free returns.

If we can’t convince you to create a special offer or discount for teachers out of the goodness of your heart, these statistics about the teacher market may convince you that reaching out to teachers is also in your best interest:

  • There are currently 3.9 million K-12 teachers
  • Teachers spend over $11 billion on their credit cards per year
  • Teachers shop twice as often online than the general population

In addition to being caring and smart, teachers are also very loyal, especially to brands that offer them exclusive discounts. They are also a very active community online, and the news of special exclusive offers or teachers tends to spread quickly. Creating a marketing strategy to reach teachers can increase your incremental revenue and market share. That’s one reason some of the biggest brands in apparel, office supplies, and travel give exclusive offers to teachers.

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