Person holding a globe: SheerID's International Verification now in 40 Countries Worldwide
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SheerID’s international verification – now in 40 countries worldwide

In the US alone, the student and teacher market is currently made up of over 27 million people. With such a huge spending power, students and teachers are a valuable consumer group brands must attract. Retailers are learning how to connect with these markets through embracing omnichannel strategies, social media, and especially the power of exclusive academic offers.

In particular, retailers such as Tommy Hilfiger and Bonobos have reached these markets through offering exclusive discounts to students and teachers. Through implementing SheerID’s eligibility verification into their online shopping experience, brands are able to deliver a seamless, branded user experience, in order to deliver exclusive academic offers to eligible customers.

After successfully helping brands reach the academic markets within the US and beyond, SheerID is helping brands reach the millions of students and teachers across the globe by expanding its verification services to additional countries, including the UK, Brazil, and Japan, bringing its total reach to more than 40 countries and 18 languages. With SheerID, brands can gain the most comprehensive coverage in the industry.

“Earning trusted relationships and genuine brand loyalty with consumers globally is challenging for enterprises,” said Jake Weatherly, CEO of SheerID. “Using the SheerID product suite, our customers have consistently delivered authentic personalization in every channel to build loyalty in the US for years. With today’s expansion, SheerID has scaled these benefits worldwide to support market demand.”

SheerID’s global verification solution has the ultimate flexibility in rewarding eligible consumers, bridging enterprise technologies focused on subscriptions, transactions, and loyalty in a variety of ways to meet business needs while protecting margin by eliminating fraud.

“Our clients have shared their objectives in reaching key geographies with their exclusive offers, and the SheerID team has responded with authoritative coverage in new countries and languages,” adds Weatherly. “As a result, we’re quickly seeing both current and new clients fortify their student and educator offers using SheerID throughout the world.”

If you’re company is looking to expand reach into the student and teacher markets, read more in our latest press release: “SheerID Expands Education Verification Services Around The Globe” or reach out to our team today to learn more [email protected].

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