SCOUT Military Discounts and SheerID salute Military Spouse Appreciation Day
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To the spouses of those who serve: We thank you.

This originally appeared on The SCOUT Report May 23, 2016.

Throughout the month of May, we recognize and give thanks to our country’s service members, but today, we want to specifically thank military spouses. Military Spouse Appreciation Day holds a special place in our hearts as many members of the SheerID team have a grandparent, parent, or child who has served or are currently serving. We have witnessed first hand the bravery and sacrifice their spouses have on a daily basis and cannot express our gratitude enough.

To all of those military spouses across the country: We thank you for not only allowing your spouse to respond to the call of duty but for responding to the call of duty yourself. You are the silent heroes of our nation. Your sacrifices of going through long periods of separation from your loved ones, relocating to new homes, maintaining a home by yourself, and taking on the role of both parents, do not go unnoticed. You truly are the backbone of our military and as President Reagan said when he established this honorary day, “… they preserve the cornerstone of our Nation’s strength – the American family.”

“Military spouses preserve the cornerstone of our Nation’s strength—the American family.” —President Reagan

At SheerID, we have the privilege of working with the military community on a daily basis through connecting them with exclusive military discounts from our clients. Our clients offer discounts to military members and their families as a small token of appreciation for everything they do for our country. This Military Spouse Appreciation Day, our clients say thank you as well:

“We would like to thank military spouses for everything they do on a daily basis and the roles they take on while their loved ones are away. They play a vital role in our nation’s defense as they keep everything running smoothly at home. We are inspired by the strength and bravery.” LeeAnn Kindness, Marketing and Commerce Director at Steven Singer Jewelers

“My ex-husband was a Marine (Once a Marine, Always a Marine!) and it was important to recognize our military family and give back to the community, however, we can. So providing discounts for our hard-working military- and the loved ones that have to do it all while they are away- was a no-brainer for us.” Kim Giraldo, founder of Rockin’ Green

“As a brand that manufactures over 90% of our clothing line in the United States, we are honored to provide an exclusive offer to members of our Armed Forces as well as their family members. It’s the very least we can do to thank them for their service and commitment to our country.” Michael Kane, Marketing Director at Karen Kane

“Sportsman’s Guide is rooted in supporting our military and their families and we always work to offer them the best possible deals on our products in recognition of their sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy.” Dave Witzig, Senior. Director of eCommerce Marketing at Sportsman’s Guide

“We created GoFundVeterans as a way for the nation to directly support specific projects and needs that are as unique as the individual who has committed to giving their life for our freedom. Active military, veterans, or military dependent family members can go to and create a project to obtain financial support for various needs.” Brigan Enser Director of Communications and Public Relations at GoFundVeterans

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To all the military spouses, you play a vital role in providing every American citizen the freedoms we enjoy on a daily basis. Thank you for your sacrifice, strength, and perseverance today, and every day.



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