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Students and Teachers Save Big With Special Back-to-School Deals

Top brands provide personalized offers using SheerID identity marketing platform

Portland, OR—August 9, 2021— SheerID, the identity marketing platform used by hundreds of leading brands around the world, has partnered with more than 20 brands that have made exclusive discounts available to millions of students and teachers as they prepare for the new school year. SheerID is proud to partner with these organizations to reward educators and students.

“When brands celebrate a person’s identity, such as a teacher or a student, with a personalized offer they are making a strong emotional connection with these customers,” said Jake Weatherly, Chief Executive Officer of SheerID.  “Brands that understand this will gain new customers and earn long-term loyalty from making them feel recognized, appreciated, and special.” 

Take Advantage Of Back-to-School Offers!

Students and teachers get access to unique deals from great brands and save money. The following brands have provided exclusive offers to meet the needs of teachers and students in the areas of learning, apparel, lifestyle, and news with the help of SheerID’s Identity Marketing platform, ensuring that rewards are instantly and securely provided to these eligible communities. For those eligible, no account or membership signup is required.

Teacher offers:

Student offers:

Make sure to check out all the exclusive discounts for teachers at SheerID Teacher Deals and for students at SheerID Student Deals

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