Cause Marketing


How to Pick the Right Consumer Community for Your Brand

Marketing to consumer communities is a highly effective tactic.
Marketers looking to up their personalization game have been embracing a new tack: creating personalized offers for consumer communities. The approach is called identity marketing, and it has a secret weapon that traditional segmentation strategies don’t: members of a consumer community are deeply connected. When they hear about a good deal, they spread it through ...
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8 Tips for Choosing the Right Customer Verification Software

A young woman on the street using customer verification software on her mobile phone to redeem a personalized offer.
Identity marketing is a highly effective form of personalized marketing because it engages consumer communities based on their deep-seated attributes, such as their life stage (students) or occupation (teachers). In a previous post, we explained that using a customer verification software is essential to making this new form of personalization work because it: Increases conversions. ...
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Why Data Privacy Matters to You and Your Customers

We humans generate massive amounts of data—estimates suggest the “entire digital universe” could reach 40 zettabytes this year. That’s 40x more bytes than the number of stars in the known universe. What’s more, we send 294 billion emails and perform 5 billion searches every day.  This data is the lifeblood of digital marketers, who use ...
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How Cause Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Business

Former British prime minister Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Today’s brands know that making a profit is not enough. They want to make a difference, not only to succeed financially but to leave the world a better place. It’s no ...
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How You Can Stand Up for Medical Workers with Personalized Offers

A worried nursing looking a clip while she sits in a hallway with other nurses and doctors.
The coronavirus has slammed us. Infections are rising, wealth is disappearing, and people are losing their jobs. Everyone is reeling, but medical workers have been hit the hardest. They’re struggling with the same losses we are, while trying to care for the sick, develop a vaccine, and find a cure. We owe them our support, ...
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How to Engage and Support Customers in Uncertain Times

A concerned woman rests her head on her hands while she looks at her phone.
The coronavirus pandemic is dramatically impacting every facet of our lives. We’re worried about what it means for ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities. After talking with many of our customers, I’ve seen that marketers are carrying the added stress of keeping their programs performing when people are: Staying home—not shopping in stores, not ...
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How Engaging a Community Can Drive Customer Acquisition

A woman working with two young students in an ad representing Headspace's customer acquisition strategy for teachers.
Headspace is an online company specializing in meditation, and it has a clear mission: to improve the health and happiness of the world. That’s a tall order, even for a company that already has subscribers in 190 countries and has been using traditional customer acquisition strategies to successfully engage them.  To fulfill this mission, Headspace ...
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5 Reasons to Target First Responders with Personalized Promotions

An example of Tuft&Needle's personalized promotion to the military and first responders: a picture of a man and dog on a bed, with copy that reads, "Real heroes deserve real savings. We are proud to offer a 15% discount to our military and first responders.
Personalized promotions can be a highly effective way to acquire new customers, but personalized emails aren’t enough. Shoppers want brands to truly support them and their communities. Nearly two-thirds of consumers prefer to buy from companies that reflect their own values and beliefs. Brands have been using cause marketing to demonstrate this kind of alignment ...
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7 Personalized Promotions You Should Run in 2020

A military man in front of a laptop with his son, smiling about the personalized offer he just received.
At a time when customer acquisition costs are rising and consumers are worried about how brands are using their data, savvy marketers are finding a fresh way to deliver personalized promotions: identity marketing.  Identity marketing is a privacy-friendly approach to personalization that feels authentic because it recognizes people’s deep sense of belonging to a consumer ...
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Happy Holidays from SheerID

Two snowman with a wish for happy holidays from SheerID.
A message from Jake Weatherly, CEO of SheerID As I reflect on the end of 2019 (it’s hard to believe it’s here!), I wanted to take a moment to thank all of the valued customers, employees, and investors that make SheerID great.  Earlier in the year, my wife, three boys, and I moved to our ...
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