Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is a primary focus of any marketing department, but acquiring new customers can be expensive, and it can be difficult to tell which approaches work and which don’t. The cost of customer acquisition is a key metric to weigh against the lifetime value gained from each customer.

Today, brands are turning to customer acquisition strategies like customer loyalty programs or gated, exclusive offers. Creating a gated offer program is a reliable way to bring new customers into your brand. In a recent survey we conducted with Kelton Global , 94% of Americans said they would take advantage of an exclusive offer not available to the general public. 

SheerID’s Digital Verification Platform ensures that your exclusive offers are secure, and that the process for verifying customers’ eligibility is quick and easy, which improves long-term customer acquisition.

Learn more about customer acquisition in our report on The State of Customer Acquisition.The report is based on a survey of 150 leaders in customer acquisition across five different consumer-facing industries. It provides insight into the challenges digital marketers face in a noisy marketplace and the customer acquisition strategies they’re using to meet them.


How Converse is Acquiring Customers with Identity-Driven Exclusive Offers

Converse's new customer acquisition strategy gives college students and members of the military a gated, exclusive discount of 10% off.
For more than a century, Converse has been dedicated to self-expression and storytelling. The iconic brand, known for footwear that bears its hallmark star insignia, believes that what people wear defines sport, street, and creative culture. One of the brand’s goals is to help customers create an authentic style simply by being themselves. For example, ...
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Top 3 Customer Acquisition Trends for Great Promotions in 2019

A digital marketer researching customer acquisition trends and tips on her tablet.
Three major trends will affect the ROI of your marketing promotions in 2019. Here’s what’s coming—and tips for how digital marketers like you should respond to make it a banner year. #1  What’s Out: Third-Party Data that Poses Privacy Risks Marketers faced some big challenges in 2018, and data privacy was at the center of ...
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New Report Benchmarks 150 Digital Marketers Customer Acquisition Strategy for 2019 – Infographic

8 in 10 digital marketers say they're under more pressure to meet acquisition and revenue goals than last year.
Customer Acquisition is filled with obstacles, and the competition for buyers’ attention is getting worse. Experts estimate that most Americans are exposed to between 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements each day. That’s why we partnered with WBR insights and surveyed 150 digital marketers to understand their customer acquisition strategy as we head into 2019. The results ...
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New Survey Shows that 8 in 10 Digital Marketers Feel Under More Pressure to Meet Acquisition and Revenue Goals than They Did One Year Ago

The Report from WBR Insights and SheerID reveal marketers’ top 2 concerns are differentiating in a noisy marketplace and rising privacy concerns. Report also details marketers’ planned investments for 2019.   Portland, OR – November 6, 2018 – According to a new survey of 150 digital marketers across the U.S. – with most employed by […]

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What Are Customer Verification Services?

Verification Services
Customer verification services confirm that an individual has a desired characteristic such as an affiliation with a particular group like the military or being a student. They can also be used to verify occupation or current employment. One highly valuable use of verification services is in targeted marketing campaigns, where they can help businesses identify ...
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What are Gated Offers?

Gated Offers
Gated offers are targeted, gated promotions designed for members of a particular group based on their occupation, life stage or affiliation, such as “college student” or “member of the military.” Done correctly, the process for redeeming a gated offer is protected by digital verification, a step that checks consumers’ credentials against authoritative data to confirm ...
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